Sunday, October 23, 2011

Did You Know About Athlinks?

Did you know about Athlinks?

Today as I was getting ready to do the first leg of a triathlon relay I met a lady who said she had looked up my name on Athlinks. This is a site that keeps tracks of all the athletes have done. (There are some events I have done that are not listed, I guess they are not affiliated or have not been turned in by race directors or something.) She knew the first triathlon I had done back in 2004; she had done the same one! So after the race today I came home and looked up the info. Pretty cool to have all my events listed in one spot and to look back at the race times. This allows me to compare times and see the improvements I've made!

Did You Know What You Can Get at the Electronics Store?

Did you know what you can get at the electronics store?

My daughter has been saving up to get the iPhone 4 (NOT the newest version) so when she finally got her money, the iPhone 4s had just come out. The line at the Apple store was out the door. As we passed the electronics store there was a sign out front stating they are an authorized Apple dealer. I was surprised. I mean, I knew you could find things like stereos, flat screen lcd tvs, movies, computers and things like that. I had no idea that they also had iPhones and even washers, dryers and refrigerators!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Did You Know the NAIA Rules for Transcripts?

Did you know the NAIA rules for transcripts?

We have had some confusion getting my son's transcripts accepted at the NAIA. When he first told me that he had to send them, I suggested he just have the college he is currently attending send them all since he had transcripts from a public high school, a home school high school and a local community college. I thought it would just be easier for them to all be sent from one place. We did not know that is not the way the NAIA accepts them (and unfortunately nobody at the registrar told him that!)

To have your transcripts accepted at NAIA you need to first register with them (ie-pay the fee.) Then contact your previous high school(s) to have your official transcripts sent in a sealed envelope. The school also needs to send the cover letter filled in with the pertinent information (it is available on the NAIA site if your school doesn't have them.) While the NAIA will not accept faxed transcripts they do accept transcripts sent electronically through approved servers (see the NAIA website for details.)

Hopefully following this in the first place will help others in getting their transcripts sent properly and not missing out on any games due to ineligibility because of improperly sent transcripts!

Did You Know About the Trade Up Program at The Source?

Did you know about the "trade up" program at The Source?

For those wanting to get better electronics than they currently own, this might be a way to help them reach that goal. The Source is offering a trade up program where you enter the value of what you have to earn a gift card for what you want. For example, if you are looking to get the xbox slim you can enter the details about the device you want to trade up, receive the estimate details, then take those details to the local Source store and receive a gift card to use towards what you want. And by doing this you can help the environment; all devices received by The Source are recycled or reconditioned.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Did You Know My Printer is Snobby?

Did you know my printer is snobby?

In the course of trying to save money, today I purchased a remanufactured printer ink cartridge. It was from an electronics store and labeled to fit the printer I have. However, my printer is so "snobby" it doesn't "recognized" the cartridge. So instead of saving money I am now out that money, since you cannot return opened packages of ink. And I have to go back and buy the name brand of ink. So much for snobby electronics!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Did You Know Kids Have Some Pretty Great Ideas?

Did you know kids have some pretty great ideas?

It never ceases to amaze me the ideas that kids can come up with. Here is a recent example that I love-my daughter and I were walking through Wal-Mart and she asked me if I "heard that." I said no and my daughter told me about a little girl who had just finished an edible sample and told her brother "I wish we could eat the plate so if we were still hungry after the sample we could still eat." I love it! Not only would it help with providing a snack, but it would help keep the trash contained as well! Pretty good thinking!

Did You Know About Administrator Job Database?

Did you know about administrator job database?

I have been looking for a part time weekend and/or evening job to help pay for some expenses that have taken hold of us this year. While I am not looking for a job in the field, I did find out today about the Database Administrator Jobs. Here you can find IT and technical jobs as well as engineering job listings. It looks like there are listings from many states, so maybe this database can be helpful to others looking for jobs in these fields.