Sunday, October 16, 2011

Did You Know the NAIA Rules for Transcripts?

Did you know the NAIA rules for transcripts?

We have had some confusion getting my son's transcripts accepted at the NAIA. When he first told me that he had to send them, I suggested he just have the college he is currently attending send them all since he had transcripts from a public high school, a home school high school and a local community college. I thought it would just be easier for them to all be sent from one place. We did not know that is not the way the NAIA accepts them (and unfortunately nobody at the registrar told him that!)

To have your transcripts accepted at NAIA you need to first register with them (ie-pay the fee.) Then contact your previous high school(s) to have your official transcripts sent in a sealed envelope. The school also needs to send the cover letter filled in with the pertinent information (it is available on the NAIA site if your school doesn't have them.) While the NAIA will not accept faxed transcripts they do accept transcripts sent electronically through approved servers (see the NAIA website for details.)

Hopefully following this in the first place will help others in getting their transcripts sent properly and not missing out on any games due to ineligibility because of improperly sent transcripts!


Montucky said...

Transcripts have always been a pain. I would have thought they would have simplified things by now.

silken said...

well, I thought we had done it a simple way at first. just wish someone would have told him in the first place not to do it that way! seems like the folks he talked to at his school should know; would be nice to help the kid out!

on the bright side, he told us today that he did actually make the team, uniform and everything (he thought he would be sitting bench in street clothes!!)