Sunday, October 23, 2011

Did You Know About Athlinks?

Did you know about Athlinks?

Today as I was getting ready to do the first leg of a triathlon relay I met a lady who said she had looked up my name on Athlinks. This is a site that keeps tracks of all the athletes have done. (There are some events I have done that are not listed, I guess they are not affiliated or have not been turned in by race directors or something.) She knew the first triathlon I had done back in 2004; she had done the same one! So after the race today I came home and looked up the info. Pretty cool to have all my events listed in one spot and to look back at the race times. This allows me to compare times and see the improvements I've made!


Montucky said...

That's interesting and amazing that someone got it organized and into motion! Super idea!

silken said...

it was pretty neat. I do wish all events were available on there. and it does seem a pretty big task to get it all organized!