Friday, March 30, 2007

Did You Know There is a Tale in Every Tune?

Did You Know There is a Tale in Every Tune ? One of my online friends has released a CD for sale at Cafe Press. The music is mellow, nice. It has the folksy feel to it that many folks just ahead of me grew up on. You can check out the CD Back To My Home and listen to samples from some of the songs. This is going to make a great Father's Day Present.

Did You Know Payday Loan Companies Are Now Online?

Did You Know Payday Loan Companies Are Now Online? If you are in need of a fast payday loan , online options may be right for you. Have bad credit? No worry, you may still qualify. The process is simple and quick. Whether you are needing information on Maryland Payday Loans or Arizona Payday Loans you may find exactly what you are looking for.

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Did You Know You Can Ride in a Stagecoach?

Did You Know You Can Ride in a Stagecoach? If you are in the Bryan/College Station Area in Texas, be sure to take a side trip to Anderson. There you can visit the historic Fanthorp Inn . This home was built in the 1850's. It was used as a traveler's and stagecoach stop. You can tour the home and take a ride on the stagecoach. You can hear cowboy poetry and the music of dulcimers. Be sure to check the schedule for when the stagecoach runs.

Did You Know About Life Insurance?

Did You Know About Life Insurance? Insurance can be such an emotional purchase to make. It is so hard to imagine what will happen to your loved ones if you are not around to help them. Purchasing life insurance at least allows them the security of financial assests in case you are not there to help them in that aspect.

Finding the life insurance that is right for you can be difficult. By looking at different life insurance quotes , it may be a little eaiser to find the perfect fit. Whether you need information on Washington Life Insurance, New Jersey Life Insurance or any place in between, you can find one for you.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Did You Know About Mold Sniffing Dogs?

Did You Know About Mold Sniffing Dogs ? A mold detection company located in New Jersey has a unique approach to mold detection. Using dogs to detect the gas mold naturally gives off, this company has found a way to detect mold non-destructively. We all know that dogs can sense things humans cannot. These dogs are mold sniffing, in the same way that there are dogs who sniff for bombs or drugs. What a unique approach to mold detection.

Did You Know The Benefit of Refinancing Your Mortgage?

Did You Know The Benefit of Refinancing Your Mortgage ? My husband just asked me the other day if it would be a good idea to refinance our house. We are in pretty dire need of a new roof, and have been for a few years now. We were thinking that if we refinance, we could put the cost of the roof into the new loan and just pay for it along with our mortgage.

Deciding to refinance can be tricky, but there is a place you can go to start getting some answers. You can compare mortgage rates across the nation. To get a good idea of the rates all over you might compare states from either end of the nation. Looking at California Mortgages and comparing them with
Connecticut mortgages
can help you to guage the rates across the country.
This site is helpful in learning about all you need to know to begin your decision making about whether refinancing is right for you.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Did You Know Microwave Popcorn Butter Can Ruin Your Clothes?

Did You Know Microwave Popcorn Butter Can Ruin Your Clothes? While away last week, we stayed in a hotel. This hotel had a kitchen, including a small microwave. We bought some popcorn to snack on. My son put his popcorn in the microwave and it popped up all right, but not just right. I tried taking the turn table out of the microwave to see if that helped. It didn't. All of the kernals did not pop. But I decided to eat it anyway. I dumped the contents of the bag onto a styrofoam plate. Because all of the kernals hadn't popped, there was excess butter, which burned through the plate and onto my new, favorite pair of jeans. As of now, I have been unable to completely remove the butter stain from the jeans. If I find a "cure" I will be sure to post it here.

Did You Know Snoring Can Kill You?

Did You Know Snoring Can Kill You? I just read an article in Reader's digest about people falling asleep while driving. The article mentioned people with obstructive sleep apnea being at high risk for this happening to them. Snoring can be a sign or symptom pointing to this disorder, and many people are unaware of their situation.

I have heard many people snore in many different settings, but the one snorer who outsnored everyone was my grandfather. While spending some time at my grandparents house, my granny warned us that grandpa C snored really loudly. Ok. But that night as my sister and I lay in the front room, the farthest away from my grandparents room, we heard a terribly frightening roar. We thought a train was coming through the walls! We could not imagine what it was!! Until we finally realized it was my grandfather!

I know my grandfather's snoring is not what caused his recent death, but I am very sure that his snoring kept others in his house awake!

Folks who have been plauged by the sleep apnea disorder can now purchase CPAP machines to help aid them from dying or causing brain damage due to the lack of oxygen brought about by the obstructive sleep apnea.

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Did You Know About Mount Chimborazo?

Did You Know About Mount Chimborazo? This mountain is technically the highest point on the earth. Although most people would say that belongs to Mount Everest, Mount Chimborazo is almost a mile and a half taller.

Located in Ecuador, Chimborazo has the advantage of the bulge of the equator to help it achieve its full height advantage. Although Everest really is taller when measured from sea level, the earth's bulge puts Chimborazo at the top.

Did You Know About No-Crank Hose Reels?

Did you know about no-crankhose reels? I'd not seen this before today, but it could be a real time and energy saver after working in the yard. This hose rewind system is pretty clever. There are no batteries or springs or electricity. It runs on water power! Simply flip the lever and the water piston engine rewinds it for you! One less back breaking job for you to do!

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Did You Know About Blog Hopping?

Did You Know About Blog Hopping ? This is a little leap frogging game from blog to blog throughout cyberspace. Basically, you leave a comment with the URL link back to your post.

I met a friend named Sire some time ago, but just today he let me in on the game of blog hopping. He is a pretty swell guy from the land down under.

So basically, blog hopping is just jumping through cyber space from one related blog to another, sometimes taking other little related side trips. The reason for all this cyber hopping is to increase all of our page ranks. Sire tells me that Google and Technorati pick up these links pretty quickly, helping to increase all our ranking.

So if anyone else wants to join in on the blog hopping, leave a comment with a link back to your place.

Happy Hopping!

Did You Know a Good Going Away Gift?

Did You Know a Good Going Away Gift? Many folks come and go in our lives and it is often difficult to let them know just what they mean to us. I have received many going away gifts, including blankets, song lyrics and cookbooks. All of these are great going away gift ideas. Right now, we have a family leaving our congregation. We have all been recruited to make up a page for a scrapbook. Every family puts together their own unique page to add in the scrapbook. This unique gift is perfect as each family then adds their own special touch to the gift and it is something that can be treasured for years to come.

It seems that the very best gifts are ones that come from the heart and that are unique to the receipient individual and/or family.

Did You Know About IconPlanet?

Did You Know About IconPlanet? Have you been looking for the best XP Icons? IconPlanet has a wide variety of high quality icons available. These icons are perfect for use in software, on websites or for your next media presentation. The quality of the graphics is outstanding.

You can search for the perfect graphics according to industry. They have icons available for the hotel and travel industry, the entertainment industry, telecom, medical and real estate. They also have icons perfect for the banking industry, education and the food and beverage industry. You can find great icons for websites, windows theme icons, and object and product icons. There are over 1000 total icons to choose from!

Check out the brilliant artwork done with these graphics. Notice the incredibly affordable pricing available. IconPlanet offers great support and to help you get started, you can even download free sample icons !

If you look through their selections and do not find the icon just right for you, you can even order customized icons to fit your needs. Simply fill out the online customization form, giving as much detail as possible. Advance payment of 50% is required and work on your customized icons will begin immediately upon receipt of payment.

Be sure to check out the excellent quality, affordable iconplanet today!

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Did You Know We Love Sudoku?

Did You Know There is a One Step Metric Converter Calculator? On our most recent trip overseas, we bought sudoku books to keep us occupied. The whole family fell in love with it and have continued the puzzle craze after our return home.

Just the other day we were talking about the folks who have created these puzzles. I thought they had been around a long time, but apparantly, modern sudoku puzzles are just that, fairly modern.

Today's puzzle makers apparantly use the aid of computers when making sudoku puzzles, especially the hardest ones. Here is a link to the supposedly hardest sudoku puzzle today.

Did You Know There is a One Step Metric Converter Calculator?

Did You Know There is a One Step Metric Converter Calculator? Boy, I need this! My sister lives overseas and when we go to visit, it can be quite confusing to figure out what the temperature is going to be. We have been used to using standard English measurements all our lives and don't really even know how to convert the difference (though my son just learned all the formulas in his math studies!)

I got a recipe from a friend of my sister, a delicious quiche recipe that my whole family loved when we were blessed to sample it at our new friend's home. Only problem, it was written in metric measurements! If I had the 1-Step Metric Conversion Calculator, it would be a breeze to convert the measurements to standard measurements and I would be more precise in the conversion as well.

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Did You Know About Jbird?

Did You Know About Jbird? Jbird is a new blogger around here. He is going to tell us about becoming a sailor in 1969. He apparantly joined the Navy to avoid going to the army. I am not sure what all the difference would be, but will probably get to know some by the stories he tells.

Did You Know Switching Cell Phone Plans Could Save You Money?

Did You Know Switching Cell Phone Plans Could Save You Money? It seems these days everyone needs a way to save a little money. But we still need to maintain our desire to stay connected at the same time. While almost everyone is aware of saving money on phone carriers and phone features, some may not be aware that choosing the proper phone plan may also help them to save money.

Sometimes reading all the fine print on those contracts can really give you a headach. But right now, Wirefly has online help available to help you choose the cell phone plan that is just right for you.

You can view service plans by carrier, including AT&T, Verizon, TMobile, Sprint, Nextel, Alltel and Disney Mobile. You can choose the company that has the plan that fits your needs. Or you can choose to see the most popular plans offered. You can see the minutes that are allowed along with the rate for that plan.

There is also an online wireless wizard available to help you choose the wireless plan that best fits your needs. This tool could help you save up to 40% on your monthly phone bill. You simply enter your current carrier (if available), your mobile number and the amount of minutes you use per month. Then you also enter your phone habits, things like how much you are out of your home area, how often you make long distance calls and how many calls are daytime and how many are nights and weekends. All these little tools should add up to help you save money on your monthly cell phone bill.

Finding the right cell phone plan may be important to you. You may be the kind of person that needs to have continuous access to the mobile phone. Saving money every month will be a great help when it comes to cell phone usage.

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Did You Know Blogging Is Getting To Be Big Business?

Did You Know Blogging Is Getting To Be Big Business? I know some folks who are consistently making $500-$1000 each month on their blogs! That is amazing to me. They have discovered the secret to increasing their page rank, making their blogs desirable to advertisers.

It has recently been seen that advertisers are willing to pay bloggers to advertise products and services to the blog owner's readership. Many people read blogs each day. Now advertisers have a way to reach audiences that are more and more turning their time and viewing habits to the internet.

Many people across many demographic lines can be reached through blog readership. And if you are a blogger, you can learn to write blogs for advertisers as well, increasing your chances to make money with your blog.

Did You Know With DMG Customers Are Number ONE?

Did You Know With DMG Customers Are Number ONE? After being in the server business for three years now, DMG Dedicated Servers wants people to know that customers are number one with them. DMG offers the lowest rates with no activation fees. Server prices start at just $59. Based in Grand Rapids, MI, DMG is striving to be number one with customers in quality service dependability, network reliability and technical support.

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Did You Know There Was A Cave System on Iwo Jima?

Did You Know There Was A Cave System on Iwo Jima? I am in the middle of reading Flags of Our Fathers and I learned about the cave system that the Japanese troops had created on the small island of Iwo Jima.

When the American forces were getting ready to invade Iwo Jima in WWII, the Japanese general knew that this small island would be a hotbed of fighting and that it would be imperative to his country to maintain this small island as part of their own territory.

When the Americans were brought to the shores of Iwo Jima, they may have thought it would not take long to overtake this extremely small plot of land. It is only about 5 miles by 2 miles!

Little did they know what the Japanese knew at that time. First of all, the volcanic ash would make it very difficult for the Americans to make their way very quickly onto and across the island.

Secondly, the Americans were seemingly unaware of the cave system the Japanese had dug under the terrain. This cave system allowed the Japanese to use the element of surprise against the American forces. They were able to shoot at the American troops while staying out of sight. Another factor that the Americans took for granted was that while they may have cleared out an area, it was able to be reinforced from the underground, no longer making it a cleared area. The Americans were surrounded and had a very difficult time fighting this enemy that lurked below.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Did You Know The National Zoo is Free?

If you love going to the zoo, you might be interested to know that the National Zoo admission is FREE! That's right, you can view all your favorite animals for free. There are lions, and tigers and bears, oh my! Otters and eagles and giant pandas too. You can take field trips, listen to lectures or hold a birthday party here as well.

Did You Know About EduKick Soccer Tours?

Did You Know About EduKick Soccer Tours? This is an amazing opportunity for soccer players to get Professional Soccer Training. Not only that, but the players will be able to get a cultural exchange experience at the same time!

EduKick Soccer teams can tour foreign locales, play friendly local games, get to see some sights and learn about the country in which they are visiting.

The players, from ages nine and up-including adults-will board in a three star hotel. This will serve as the home base for players during their stay. From here they will be transported by a private air conditioned bus to at least three matches. On days when there are no games, players will receive two and a half to three hours of training by professional foreign coaches. There are also social and cultural activities, optional language classes, and one or two full day excursions.

These tours are available year round. For those of you looking for soccer summer camps this may be the best opportunity out there!

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Did You Know That This Date is the Anniversary of Murder in Jamestown?

Did You Know That This Date is the Anniversary of Murder in Jamestown? On March 22, 1622, a brother of Chief Powhatan, Opechancanough, who became the next tribal leader, led an attack on the Jamestown colony. Over 300 colonists were killed. This began the Powhatan War.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Did You Know You Can Refinance Your Mortgage?

Did You Know You Can Refinance Your Mortgage? A few years ago, my husband and I did. We got a good rate and needed to lower our monthly payments, so we refinanced our mortgage.

Mortgage Refinancing can often be a confusing decision to make. can help you gather the information you need to make just such a decision. Whether you need information on California mortgages or Florida Mortgages or any state in between, they have a site full of information to help you.

You can learn basic information on home mortgages , learn the difference between pre-qualified and pre-approved mortgages and get an introduction to home equity loans .

All this information as well as statics reside on this one site.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Did You Know Fish Oil is Good for You?

Did You Know Fish Oil is Good for You? It is actually the Omega 3 oil that is good for you and this can be obtained via fish oil or flax seed oil. These oils are especially good for your heart health and for your brain. It also keeps your arteries clear.

Did You Know About Video Conferencing?

Did You Know About Video Conferencing? Back when I was a kid, I'd watch the cartoon The Jetsons. Boy, those gadgets and technological things sure looked cool. But in today's world, a lot of those Jetson's items have become reality in day to day settings.

Video Conferencing has become a viable option for business to use. It is a great way to save money and time on travel expenses and travel-weary employees. No matter what size company you run, Cisco data centre can help you run the best video conference.

Video conferences will help you build a stronger relationship with outlying collaborates. You can learn how to implement the resources needed with Cisco.

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Did You Know About Oh Pen Yin?

Did You Know About Oh Pen Yin ? Well, everybody has an opinion, but this guy will let you know his about any and everything! Check out what he's got going on, from Thin Mints to a trip planning to Singapore. Plus I think the screen name is pretty clever!

Did You Know About Big Web Links Directory?

Did You Know About Big Web Links Directory? There is a new directory on board that is helping to drive traffic to blogs. You may be thinking "there are already a thousand other directories out there, why do we need another one?"

Big Web Links Directory is different in that the webmasters can control the blog's location in the directory. It is not alphabetical, based on page rank or popularity. If the webmaster wants the listing on the first page, s/he adjusts the dollar amount in order to do so. Also, the top ten listings are on the homepage and the top twenty are on the top links page. This new site expects to have a good Google PR soon, as well while helping to bring traffic and good link value at the same time.

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Did You Know That Learning Grammar Can Be Fun?

Did You Know That Learning Grammar Can Be Fun? Grammar With A Giggle is a fun approach to grammar, whether in the classroom or at home. It is a simple, one to two sentence day approach. You write the sentence incorrectly and the student tries to fix it. The grading comes when you show him/her the proper way to edit the sentence, not in whether or not s/he got it right the first time.

I have seen other approaches to grammar with the element of fun. Fellow blogger Ed Butts has written a book called Idioms for Aliens which has lots of fun ways to teach grammar rules. I've even read a parody of Abbot and Costello doing "There, Their and They're". Fun stuff!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Did You Know About the LG Cherry Red Multi Media Phone?

Did You Know About the LG Cherry Red Multi Media Phone? At Wirefly, deals change daily, but right now you can get free Verizon Razrs when you open a new account. You don't even need a rebate!

Maybe you'd like to check out the new LG Cherry Red Chocolate multi media phone. With this new toy, you don't need to carry so many gadgets with you when you go. This phone just might have you saying so long to your MP3 player! This is the first Verizon wireless phone with an external graphic equalizer, capable of streaming or downloading music from Vcast. It gives you the ability to transfer music to and from your PC using a USB cable. You can even stream stereo music over Bluetooth.

And don't forget about the camera and camcorder! This baby takes 1.3 megapixel print quality photos. You can even record hour long video clips! You can even get turn by turn directions using the GPS capable device!

Of course you've got your regular everyday features including alarm, ringtone, calculator, calendar as well as voice display and color monitor.

And the sleek, stylish design and hot new color will have you high stylin'!
This little beauty is the phone for NOW and for the future!

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Did You Know Our Varsity Team Won Second?

Did You Know Our Varsity Team Won Second? They were playing for the 6A division championship. They played a good game. But they were not able to pull it out. The ironic thing is that they also played our crosstown rivals from Texas! They had a really great season and ended on a really high note.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Did You Know You Can Find Drug Rehab Referral?

Did You Know You Can Find drug rehab Referral? Drug Rehab is such a sensitive issue, that is sometimes difficult for you, or friends and family, to know where to turn. Because there are so many facilities and programs available, choosing the proper rehab program for you or your loved one can be virtually an added nightmare.

To help sort through this process, you can now find free online referral help. The knowlegable and trained staff can assist you in finding just the right program to help overcome drug and alcohol addiction in your life. All information will be kept strictly confidnetial.

If you would like to speak with a counselor at your earliest convenience, you can contact them at 877-84-SOBER. You will then be assisted in finding the rehab program just right for your individual situation. They even take international inquiries at 001* 281-668-4014.

There are resources available in many states to help you find the drug rehab program right for you.

Because so many questions flood your mind when searching for rehab programs, this referral can help you sort through them all. Just what all is involved? Do they use medication? Do they provide counseling services? Do they provide after treatment assessment and counseling? Do they provide re-integration strategies to help me or my loved one function drug free in everyday settings? Do they take my insurance? If not, is there some sort of payment plan or option? What is done in the case of a relapse? Is the staff well-trained and caring? Is the center certified and professional? What is the program setting? How long does the treatment last? Does it include outpatient and family support?

There are a myriad of questions that make this decision so difficult. Having someone help you sort through the ocean of information to find the suitable program can be a very helpful tool.

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Did You Know You Can Attend Free Entertainment?

Did You Know You Can Attend Free Entertainment? At Miller Outdoor Theater, located in Houston, Tx, there are many free events provided to the community. We have attended numerous plays, productions and events held here. The theater is located in the museum district of Houston. There is a such a wide divirsity of productions available. We have seen historical plays, plays based on literature, even children's opera. You can see many cultural events and dance groups, listen to the symphony, or watch a favorite musical or Shakespearean play.

Check their website for a schedule of upcoming events .

Did You Know You Can Repair Your Credit?

Did You Know You Can Repair Your Credit? Credit Repair has become big business for some these days, but taking care in finding the right people to help you repair your credit is crucial.

At you can find many resources to help you in your search for the best credit repair available. There are many articles to help inform you about fraud in credit repair, finding the right credit repair program and services for you, as well as what to do before signing a contract with a credit repair company.

You can read about how to repair your credit with loans, mortgage loans and credit cards. You can find out why it is imperative to repair bad credit. You can learn what to do after filing for bankruptcy and also how to go about rebuilding your credit.

Because there is so much to learn, it is a good idea to do as much homework as you can before choosing a credit repair company.

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Did You Know The CHSA Varsity is Playing for the Championship?

Did You Know The CHSA Varsity is Playing for the Championship? The boys' varsity team has worked hard all season long and come through to the National Tournament ready to play. They have been seeded in the 6A division. They have fought through some really tight games, and come out on top each time. Tonight, these boys are playing for the division 6A national championship title. Go Wolverines!

Did You Know You Could Save Up to 50% With Vonage?

Did You Know You Could Save Up to 50% With Vonage? Vonage is offering many promo specials. Right now you could possibly save up to 50% off of your monthly phone bill with Vonage. You can get unlimited local and long distance calling, starting at just 24.99 a month.

Vonage includes many benefits. You can keep your existing phone number, get international calling rates, free Vonage to Vonage calls as well as a free phone adapter. There is a referal program and a money back guarantee. What have you got to lose?

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Did You Know We Won Fourth Place?

Did You Know We Won Fourth Place? My son's basketball team ended up winning fourth place at the national basketball tournament. They actually faced a hometown rival today for their shot at winning third place. We have beaten this team a couple of times before, so it was somewhat of a heartbreaking loss today for our boys. We lost by ten points, but both teams played hard and it proved to be a good game.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Did You Know About the Laser Shield Starter Kit?

Did You Know About the Laser Shield Starter Kit? Laser Shield is a leading home alarm system company. They are now offering a starter kit which is perfect for rental homes, apartments, dorm rooms and offices. The starter kit retails for only $199.99, a small price to pay for peace of mind.

The Laser Shield uses its phone connection by plugging into a standard existing phone jack. Its power source is a standard wall outlet, through a low voltage transformer.

There is 24 hour access with the panic button, which remains workable whether the system is armed or disarmed. There is even a keychain panic feature, which works when both buttons are pushed simultaneously. The response to the panic feature is within seconds.

There is a siren feature which operates at a 105 decibel level. Sirens have been proven effective in scaring off intruders.

There is a backup battery included. The master unit is rechargeable and will notify the monitoring service if battery becomes low.

Laser shield is pet friendly. It can monitor around 1100 sqare feet. It allows an exit and re-entry delay.

Laser shield provides an affordable alarm system.

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Did You Know We Play a Hometown Rival Next?

Did You Know We Play a Hometown Rival Next? Now our team is playing for 3rd place in the 5A division championships. Ironically, we will be playing a cross town rival of ours. We have played them and won, so tomorrow's game should be a real matchup. Ironic how we traveled all this way to play them in the championship!

Did You Know You Can Get a Small Business Loan?

Did You Know You Can Get a Small Business Loan? If you are in the market for small Business Loans, this may be the answer. Advance Restaurant Finance provides loan money where other traditional lenders fall short.

Licensed by the state of California, ARF provides loans using a well trained staff of finance professioals. If you think you may have to take a partner to stay afloat, ARF may be able to provide you with another option. Their application is simple and quick to fill out. You will not have to change your credit card processor and they will not raise your rates as your sales increase.

Another service ARF can provide your small business is by equipmet leasing. Those just getting started are eligible. This can provide you with tax benefits and up to 100% financing. The process is simple. There is no application fee and only seven simple questions to answer. You can start the process today.

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Did You Know We Lost Today?

Did You Know We Lost Today? In the ongoing story of the basketball tournament, our team lost today. The team we played is from our home state and we have played them previously at a tournament earlier this year.

It was a saddening loss, as we beat them the last time we played them. It was a great game and a close game up to the half. After the half, it took a while for either team to score. The opposing team took a lead and then slowly pulled away.

They rebounded really well, which I believe was the biggest difference in the game.

Did You Know You Can Buy A Used Car Online?

Did You Know You Can Buy A Used Car Online? If you are looking to buy the best in used cars, be sure to check online. By using, you can look for the used car that is right for you.

At, you can look through a directory of Used Cars For Sale, by entering the model and make that you are searching for. They offer many of the best cars around including BMW 3 Series, Toyota RAV4 and the Honda Pilot. These are some of the most popular cars going today and you may find one waiting just for you.

If you are wanting to do a little homework before buying, there is a list of many good articles you can peruse for pre-buying information. You can read car reviews as well as finding classified ads. You can also read to learn about avoiding scams and fraud.

Not only does Lemonfree allow you to browse through the best in used cars, you can also list your used car with them. It is free and allows 10 pictures with your text. No credit card is needed and your car stays listed until it sells.

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