Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did You Know You Can Make Your Own Transcript?

Did you know you can make your own transcript?

Since my son is homeschooling for his last year of high school, I need to come up with an official transcript for him. I was pretty intimidated by this since we have not had to deal with this over the last few years. But I have found in simple internet searches that there are several programs available to help build a high school transcript. I have found one that I think will look good, is easy to use and even offers a free basic plan. I like how you just plug the info into the template and it prints it all up for you in an official document. Hopefully this one will be just right for what we need.

Did You Know Antibiotics are Over the Counter in Mexico?

Did you know antibiotics are "over the counter" in Mexico?

My son was on a trip with his girlfriend's family in Mexico last weekend. He got sick and ended up needing some antibiotics. His friend's aunt bought him some. When he got home and I talked to our doctor about it, she said that the antibiotics are available over the counter in Mexico.

I am not sure what else is available over the counter south of the border. I have heard of people crossing over for surgeries and medications. Luckily, every day problems can be taken care of here with simple routines like md clear.

Whether you suffer from minor illness or simple skin problems, it is nice to know when and where you can get easy access to the products you need.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Did You Know Irregular Heartbeats are Not Uncommon in Teens?

Did you know irregular heartbeats are not uncommon in teens?

When my daughter had her physical this summer, we were told she had an irregular heartbeat. As it improved with just a bit of exertion, she was cleared for all physical activity. More recently however, the school nurse said that they needed record of my daughter's clearance and that she needed an EKG result on file. We did find a pediatric cardiologist (thanks to our PA) who only charges $48 for the EKG without consultation. The results were faxed to our PA who just cleared my daughter. Although the heartbeat is irregular, the cardiologist was "underwhelmed" with the readout, saying this is not uncommon for teens during years of growth.

Did You Know Our Thanksgiving Menu?

Did you know our Thanksgiving menu?

When we are home as a family on Thanksgiving, we usually opt for a more non-traditional Thanksgiving meal. I asked everyone here what they wanted today and we went with chicken spaghetti, green beans, salad and cheesey garlic biscuits. Add to that homemade pumpkin pie, Japanese fruit pie (pecan pie with a fruity twist), and homemade chocolate pudding and whipped cream. DELICIOUS! I know after eating all those treats I am going to have to find out if Lipofuze or something really does melt fat!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Did You Know One of the Worst Times for Your Dishwasher to Break?

Did you know one of the worst times for your dishwasher to break?

Right now! With the last two pies in the oven and lots of dishes left to wash from pies, pudding, whipped cream, soups, etc, etc, etc on the night before Thanksgiving Day!!! AAAGGGHHH! Of course I know how to wash by hand, but there are just so many to do tonight!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Did You Know About The Newest Video Game Craze?

Did you know about the newest video game craze?

Every time something new and exciting comes out that is all everybody talks about at school. Right now the craze is Black Ops, a new video game. It’s all everybody talks about. Guys are hooked to their xbox trying to win this new game and then coming to school and bragging about how good they are to all their friends. It sure is funny how guys can get so competitive over a video game!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Did You Know How to Fix the Yahoo Spam Mail "Empty" Button?

Did you know how to fix the Yahoo Spam Mail "Empty" Button?

My Yahoo Spam Mail "empty" button was not working for several days. I did not know what to do about that and it was getting irritating having to delete each spam mail by clicking each box. So I finally decided to just log out of Yahoo. When I did log back in, the button worked again!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Did You Know It Doesn't Always Pay to Expedite?

Did you know it doesn't always pay to expedite?

I recently ordered three books from The first book my son just found out he needed in a class, so I paid a few extra dollars to expedite the shipping. A few days later I ordered two more books for next semester's classes. I did not expedite these two books. I have since received both of the latter books, one being received only three days after ordering. I have yet to receive the book I paid to have expedited, though I did get word that it is being shipped out!

Did You Know About Holiday Eating?

Did you know about holiday eating?

It seems at this time of year, everyone is concerned about how to get through the holidays without doing too much damage to their waistline (I guess that is why there are so many New Year's resolutions about weight loss and why January is the time everyone is looking to find out  what is three best diet pill on the market.) I have been reading some ideas from a certain women's health magazine about holiday eating. It seems to me to be common sense. Eat right most of the time, set limits and enjoy when you do choose to indulge. Also working in exercise as much as possible and keeping routines seems to help in the battle with holiday eating.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Did You Know About Trooper School?

Did you know about Trooper School?

When I asked my friend where her four year old twins are going to school, she told me the local high school! They have a program there called "Trooper School" where junior and senior level high school students who are learning to be teachers actually teach a pre-school three days a week. I am sure the students' teachers are in there with them, but this seems to be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Parents save a little money as the school costs about half of what a regular pre-school costs. The high school students get lots of hands-on training (the days they don't teach they are preparing lessons), and of course the pre-schoolers love the teens! There is a very long waiting list for Trooper School. It seems like a good thing for the whole community.

Did You Know The Best Gifts for In Laws?

Did you know the best gifts for in laws?

For some reason it seems to be harder for many people to buy gifts for their in laws than for those of their family of origin. Maybe it's the way we relate, or the background we have together, or just the fact that we like similar things. I know this year, I found what I thought would be perfect mother in law gifts for birthday or Christmas. When I showed it to my daughter, she told me that she already had one!! Well, I knew it would have been just right!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Did You Know You Can Cook Hot Dogs on the Go?

Did you know you can cook hot dogs on the go?

I found a great little video showing how to cook hot dogs on the go. This seems perfect for picnics, day trips or even when traveling over the holidays. It provides a change of pace from PB&J.

Simply put hot dogs into a thermos. Boil some water and add to thermos. Close and go. When you are ready for your dogs, they will be "hot" dogs!

Did You Know the Number One Month for Gym Membership?

Did you know the number one month for gym membership?  The number one month for gym membership signups and renewals is January, because everyone is trying to fulfill their new year's resolution, and they have most likely gained weight over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Well, if you start learning how to get rid of belly fat now, you can have a head start on the holidays.  That way, when the new year rolls around, you won't have to be looking forward to the same old resolution as always, because you have already lost the weight beforehand.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Did You Know How to Tell if the Ref is Calling an Offensive Foul?

Did you know how to tell if the Ref is calling an offensive foul?

As many basketball games as I've played and watched, I just learned something new. I knew that if the Ref put his/her hand behind the head, that an offensive foul was being called. But I did not realize another way to tell is if the Ref has his/her fist closed.

Did you know that not many people have actual health care plans?

Did you know that not many people have actual health care plans?

Since the start of the new presidency, medicare and national healthcare has been a hot topic of discussion.  It seems like everyone has their own opinion on the matter, but no matter what you think, the bottom line is that you need a plan.  The good news is that you don't have to be the one to come up with it.  If you need ideas for good medicare supplement plans you are in luck.  Allsup can help with anything you need, including disability planning.  It's always smart to have a plan.    

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Did You Know Alternative Ways to Pay Kids?

Did you know alternative ways to pay kids?

When my kids do some jobs around the house for pay, I don't always have the cash to give them. So, I have found some alternative ways to pay them. They are just as happy as they still get what they want. For example, I have paid my daughter in iTunes purchases. I have also bought the item for them that they were earning the money for. Or my son is always happy to be paid in a tank of gas.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did You Know That It's Almost Christmas?

Did you know that it's almost Christmas?

Christmas is such a fun time of year. Everybody is always happy and joyful around Christmas time. But Christmas is also a very hectic time of year. There's so much you have to think about: getting the tree out of the attic, putting up colored lights around the house, and, of course, buying presents for just about EVERYBODY! When searching for the perfect present, the first thing the buyer looks at is the price. That's why people always try to buy things on sale. And don't you love it when there are some really nice, normally expensive items on sale for a great price? Like necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other nice jewelry. Those are usually the best gifts for girls. Nice and pretty for the person receiving the present, and great costs for the buyer! Thank goodness for sales!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Did You Know About the Red Cross Ramble?

Did you know about the Red Cross Ramble?

This was another long distance cycling event benefitting the Red Cross. There were four routes of varying distances offered: 25 miles, 46, 77 and 100. My friend and I did the 77 mile route. This time while we did stop for snacks, restrooms and stretching, we did not take pictures and hang out too long. We even skipped a couple of the stops. We shaved two hours and ten minutes off our time from our previous ride!

The route was nice, the weather was great and the whole event was well supported. Maybe next year I'll be up to riding the 100 miles with my husband!