Friday, November 19, 2010

Did You Know It Doesn't Always Pay to Expedite?

Did you know it doesn't always pay to expedite?

I recently ordered three books from The first book my son just found out he needed in a class, so I paid a few extra dollars to expedite the shipping. A few days later I ordered two more books for next semester's classes. I did not expedite these two books. I have since received both of the latter books, one being received only three days after ordering. I have yet to receive the book I paid to have expedited, though I did get word that it is being shipped out!


Terry said...

That's irritating. It seems to me that in so many area of our lives we are paying for things that we never get.

silken said...

I know!! I sure wouldn't have paid the difference otherwise...I am glad though that 1) it wasn't too big of a difference and 2) the class is paying me back for the book since we were not informed up front about needing it and now the class is almost over!