Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did You Know Antibiotics are Over the Counter in Mexico?

Did you know antibiotics are "over the counter" in Mexico?

My son was on a trip with his girlfriend's family in Mexico last weekend. He got sick and ended up needing some antibiotics. His friend's aunt bought him some. When he got home and I talked to our doctor about it, she said that the antibiotics are available over the counter in Mexico.

I am not sure what else is available over the counter south of the border. I have heard of people crossing over for surgeries and medications. Luckily, every day problems can be taken care of here with simple routines like md clear.

Whether you suffer from minor illness or simple skin problems, it is nice to know when and where you can get easy access to the products you need.


Terry said...

Over the counter antibiotics is a very scary thing! Of all drugs, they should be perhaps the most controlled because their mis-use can cause many strains of bacteria to develop immunity to them. It's sad that the Mexicans don't care about that!

silken said...

I am not a big fan of them either, but I was glad they were available in time of need!