Monday, September 29, 2008

Did You Know About Trivial Pursuit, The TV Show?

Did you know about Trivial Pursuit, the TV show?

I'd not seen it before and I only saw a few minutes of it today. My sister and I used to spend lots of time playing Trivial Pursuit (as well as other games) so I just had to watch it. I also thought it would give me some ideas of items to post on here. Nothing great came on in the few minutes that I watched (some that I thought were just too easy!) and even one or two that I have already included in this blog! It is a bit boring on TV, but I might watch it again. After all, this blog is pretty much a pursuit in trivia!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Did You Know About Barge Boards?

Did you know about barge boards?

My husband has always like watching "This Old House" on television. I have sometimes watch it with him. I especially like the history side of it. Today's episode was set in New Orleans a few months (maybe a year) after Katrina. They were helping to rebuild a home located just off the Mississippi River. I learned that many years ago, families would build barges, float down to New Orleans and then disassemble the barge and use the boards to build a house! The particular house featured today had barge boards just off the kitchen area. The current owner wanted a "pass through" installed, meaning they would have to cut a large window out of the barge-board wall. I loved how they reused these boards. They made a dining room table out of the boards that were cut out from the wall! The flooring in this house was also recycled wood. The work done on this house was gorgeous. Another fascinating piece of history this owner had displayed in her home was a 16 page letter her grandmother had written to a sister describing her experience following Hurricane Betsy.

Did You Know I am Happy When I Get in a Good Work Out?

Did you know I am happy when I get in a good work out?

I was happy to be able to get in some good exercise today. It's been rather hard over the last two weeks to get in a good work out, unless you stacking limbs, raking and sweeping and moving furniture-which on several days I did count! I think I'd rather find a way to get in good work outs than have to stay on a strict diet with stringent eating plans every single day or even prescription weight loss pills. I know eating right is important, but I like the working out better!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Did You Know One Of The Most Sold Out Items After the Storm?

Did you know one of the most sold out items after the storm?

If you guess generators or gasoline, that would be a great guess. But those items are coming back in stock. I went today to find a particular item. A common, everyday item. My husband had told me that the news mentioned that the stores were sold out of this. I kind of laughed him off. Until I went to one grocery store and could not find it...because they were sold out. I did find some at another grocery store, but there were lots of them sold.

If you guessed that this item is baking soda, you are right! I guess when two million people all clean out their fridges at once and then get to re-stocking, there isn't enough baking soda to go around!

Did You Know Some Companies are Waiving Fees Because of the Hurricane?

Did you know some companies are waiving fees because of the hurricane?

I have gotten several emails about companies in the area who are waiving some of the monthly fees and some overdue fees due to the damage caused by hurricane Ike. I think this is a really nice gesture and will help lots of folks out. I talked to a lady today who was telling me about some people who are staying in tents because of the damage to homes. It's good to know that companies can be reasonable in times of emergencies and unforeseen circumstances. I would hate for anybody to be turned over to debt collection agencies at this time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Did You Know How We Are Getting Back to Normal One Week After Ike?

Did you know how we are getting back to normal one week after Ike?

A friend of ours was attending college in Galveston. They have been transferred out and are getting set up on another campus this week. He emailed me today and asked if things are getting back to normal. Well, somewhat. Many traffic lights are still out, not everyone has electricity and phones and internet are still unreliable. School won't start back for another week.

It has been a bit "weird" going to the grocery stores. This is such a common event that when you don't have any around you open, it seems weird. And then when they do open, seeing all the cold and frozen cases completely empty seems a bit strange. Many of the stores have done a great job of getting supplies in. Now most common items are available; bread, ice, some milk, some meat and even some "local" ice cream. But it is a weird sight to see such empty shelves and freezers throughout the store.

Did You Know About Working Out of the Office in an Emergency?

Did you know about working out of the office in an emergency?

Even though power was out most of last week, my mom still had to make sure to somehow get her work done. She was able to find a few places with electricity and used her laptop to work from those places. It helps to have information stored on flash drives and micro sd cards in cases like this. Working out of the office is not always fun and being able to have your information in hand helps out.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Did You Know Marshall's is giving a discount?

Did you know Marshall's is giving a discount?

I took my son to Marshall's today. I'd told him before the storm I'd buy him some jeans. And this morning, his church pants were too small too. So we went this afternoon. There is a sign on the door, and the checkout clerk told us, that Marshall's will be giving a 10% discount through Sept. 27 to help out a little after the hurricane. It is a nice gesture and I think a lot of people will appreciate it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Did You Know About the Slingbox?

Did you know about the Slingbox?

I'd not heard of this before, but it may have come in handy for folks who evacuated during Hurricane Ike. The Slingbox is a device that allows you to watch your home television from your laptop or mobile phone. This could have been really useful to people who traveled to places like Austin, Dallas and San Antonio to flee the storm. Keeping up with information in your own area during such a time is vital.

Did You Know to Take Photos before Storm Damage Clean Up?

Did you know to take photos before storm damage clean up?

I did not, or at least did not think about it. We did not have damage (thankfully, as we have neither flood insurance nor hail & windstorm!) Many of our neighbors remembered to take photos of the damage they had. We all pitched in to clean up an elderly ladies' yard. I did not think to take photos of her yard. There seemed to be no damage, but I just hope that her insurance did not need any photos!

Did You Know About the Damage Done by Ike?

Did you know about the damage done by Ike?

As we sat without electricity for a few days, I wondered what was going on in the "outside" world. And I wondered how our neighboring cities had fared. Once we were able to turn on the TV and use the internet, we saw some images of how much damage had been done, especially to places like Galveston, Kemah, Seabrook and the smaller towns of San Leon and Bacliff. Although I was anxious to see the pictures, these are certainly not the images I would want scrolling in a digital frame

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Did You Know What I Will Do Differently for the Next Hurricane?

Did you know what I will do differently for the next hurricane?

No, not leave (necessarily-I am glad we stayed this time.) There is a list of things I want to remind myself to get before the next storm, so I thought I'd jot myself a little note here.

Be sure to stock up (more) on certain items before hand:

1. disposable plates and plastic ware

2. trash bags

3. gloves

4. even more water

5. cell phone car charger

6. board up every window and back door

We have not decided if a generator is really worth the investment. We do not have one. You still cannot run the AC, but can run a fan. It is expensive, loud and costly (gasoline-which is not always available.) We have a gas stove and had water so we were actually ok even with the electricity off. Of course, the weather cooled down so that helped.

I did like being here to begin clean up immediately after. It was scary listening to the wind. I do like how all the neighbors helped each other out.

I am glad we stayed this time and think I would do it again...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Did You Know About Our Modern Day Barn Raising?

Did you know about our modern day barn raising?

We will likely be visited by hurricane Ike within the 24-30 hours. Many people are choosing to stay and "hunker down" through this one. Nearly all of our neighbors have decided to stay. My husband and another neighbor worked putting up boards over the windows today.

Then a few other neighbors decided to as well. One lady’s husband had to work a full day today, so all the guys pitched in and helped her as well as finished up a couple of other family’s homes as well.

It was just like an old fashioned barn-raising! But instead of us women frying up some chickens, we actually found a pizza delivery place open so we all pitched in and ordered about ten pizzas, added some fruit and brownies and had a regular hurricane party!

Everyone was so pleased by the camaraderie and the pulling together to help each other out. One man said he’d never seen a neighborhood pull together like that. My son said he hopes to live in a neighborhood like this when he gets to that age. It was really great to see everyone working together (although there were a couple of moments when it seemed as if there were "too many cooks in the kitchen"!)

I am sure that the feeling of community and counting on each other and helping each other along is what those old fashioned barn-raisings were all about!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Did You Know That Today is the Historical Peak of Hurricane Season?

Did you know that today is the historical peak of hurricane season?

I heard that on the news this morning. I was surprised. Hurricane season lasts from June to November. I guess when I think back over the last several years, September has been a busy time for hurricanes. And we are under a hurricane watch as I type. Ike is likely headed pretty near us. We will determine whether to board up and run or stay tomorrow or Friday.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Did You Know About PayPerPost's Newest Move?

Did you know about PayPerPost's newest move?

PayPerPost has been paying bloggers to blog. I have enjoyed a stint with them, but got word today that three of my four blogs listed with them are no longer eligible for ads (this one, places to go and family night.) I know that many folks will be glad to hear that! PPP is doing some upgrades to the way they work with their advertisers. They say they will spend the next thirty days manually inspecting each blog and informing bloggers whether they will be allowed to continue working within their system.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Did You Know What a Quadrille Notebook Is?

Did you know what a quadrille notebook is?

I had never heard of this, but my son needed one for chemistry. Since I never took chemistry, I had no idea what we were looking for. We were told it was like a composition book, so that is what I originally sent. But what was meant is that the quad book is bound like a composition book, but inside the pages are all graph paper. This is to do formulas and labs on. I was confused though, since there are actually 5 squares per inch it is not really a "quad" book. We did find a proper "quad" book, but it's pages are perforated and therefore not appropriate for this class. We were able to find both notebooks at Office Depot.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Did You Know Angelina Jolie is Jon Voight's Daughter?

Did you know Angelina Jolie is Jon Voight's daughter?

Well, I know I am not with the times, but I did not know this until today. Neither did my husband. For some reason, when he came home today, we saw this "entertainment news" and learned that Jon Voight is Angelina's dad.

Did You Know About Smart Credit Choices New Credit Card Blog?

Did you know about Smart Credit Choices new credit card blog?

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