Friday, December 30, 2011

Did You Know Web Airfare Specials Sell Out Fast?

Did you know web airfare specials sell out fast?

In looking for airfare back to school for my son I found a good internet only special. We just had to wait to hear if he was going to ride back with a friend or fly back using the credit from a previously cancelled flight. In checking flights again today those internet specials are gone! Price is up $80. I found one flight for early Monday morning the day school is back in session. It was a great price, only $59! That was two hours ago. That internet special has already sold out!! So now we are back to trying to find a flight which is going to cost us more than what we have on credit! If you find an internet airfare special, don't wait around to take advantage of it; it will likely be gone!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Did You Know How to Make an Audio Cd of Your Voice Using Mac?

Did you know how to make an audio cd of your voice using Mac?

My daughter has been working on a project. But it took a little while to figure out just how to do it. We were trying to use voice activated software but things were not going the way we wanted. So I did a little more looking and came across these directions which show us step by step how to do exactly what we wanted! I knew it had to be easy to do on Mac!!

Did You Know About Warm Outerwear?

Did you know about warm outerwear?

In South Texas, we certainly don't! My son is glad to be home from college for the holidays. While he is only going to school a state away, it is much colder and windier there than here. We have told him to wear layers and sent some coats and jackets to school with him, but the stuff we have just isn't cutting it for him. I told him we may have to check out the Carhartt coats. I remember the folks in West Texas wearing those. They are warm and can also help protect against the wind. And I just found some carhartt sweatshirts on closeout. We will have to check those out too!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Did You Know How to Make Easy College Themed Christmas Ornaments?

Did you know how to make easy college themed Christmas ornaments?

In an effort to save money I tried to find a way to make some easy and affordable college themed Christmas ornaments. I came up with two. One is the old trick of getting the paint off colored glass ball ornaments (recycle old ones or buy a box at the dollar store.) This can be done with bleach. You can put a little bleach inside the ball, add rice or salt if you want to help rub it off. Swirl around and the paint should come off. I did have to use a Qtip to help swab off some of the residue. When completely dry you can fill the ball with colored beads or strips of paper. I also added a rolled piece of paper on which I had printed the school logo. This ornament turned out ok, but I was not really happy with it.

What I liked better is using the printed out logos and some brush on tacky glue to attach the logo to the painted ball. I just cut the logo close, applied glue on the back all the way to the edges, then glued it onto the ball. I did have to rub out some wrinkles, carefully so the paper did not tear. After it dried a little while I applied more of the glue over the top, completely covering the logo and a little past the edges. This dried really well, making it look shiny and nice. And should hopefully keep it from peeling off. Then attach desire colored ribbon and you have easy and affordable college themed Christmas ornaments.

Did You Know How to Keep a Toddler Occupied at a Doctor Visit?

Did you know how to keep a toddler occupied at a doctor visit?

While I had to take the little girl I keep with me today to a doctor appointment for another family member I tried to think of ways to keep her occupied. First and foremost we packed her favorite snacks, goldfish and raisins. We also had a cup of water with us. There were books in the waiting area but she was not interested (all paperbacks.) Then we looked at brochures filled with babies and kids. Then I noticed one of the ladies in her medical scrubs. What I noticed though is that she had on the very same shoes as my little toddler friend! When we compared them they turned out not to be identical, but very close! So that is how we passed our time at the doctor appointment!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Did You Know This is the Time of Year to Donate?

Did you know this is the time of year to donate?

It seems that at this time of year many people are thinking about donating items, from unused household items to time and money. While stopping to donate items at Goodwill today, there were several other families stopping to do the same. I know many have helped or will help in shelters and serve food and host parties for those less fortunate during this time of year. I even heard of a pizza chain who is accepting canned good items to donate when your order is delivered. This time of year is a great time to focus on giving back and with so many opportunities available it is perhaps the easiest time of year to give and/or donate something.

Did You Know About Insurance that's Easy?

Did you know about insurance that's easy?

While I doubt that shopping for insurance is ever easy, I have heard of some steps that have been taken to make it a little easier. Shopping online and doing your homework ahead of time seems to make the decision making process easier when the time comes to make the purchase. Getting insurance quotes to compare and reading as much info as possible to learn what insurance will meet your needs seems to be important in the quest to find insurance that's easy, affordable and right for you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Did You Know Good Chicken Recipes?

Did you know good chicken recipes?

A few weeks ago I got several packages of chicken breasts for .50 a pound. I put them in the freezer and they have gone a long way. We have had bacon chicken, chicken and rice, chicken and dumplings, grilled chicken sandwiches, chicken ritz, chicken salad, and taco soup. I have one more three pound package which will make another two to three meals. I know my crew is getting a little tired of all the chicken but it sure was a great price and lasted a good while. I need some good chicken recipe ideas.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Did You Know About December Graduations?

Did you know about December graduations?

Not many high schools have December graduations, though they do occur. But many colleges host December graduations. My husband was a December graduate. It is just as exciting and can be a little nicer due to the smaller graduating class. December graduates appreciate gifts just as much as spring grads do. There are the standard leather, locking and aluminum briefcases, or things needed for upcoming careers like stethoscopes and of course cash is always a perfect fit. While December graduations may not be on everyone's list don't forget to check those December gift lists twice!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Did You Know What December in Texas Looks Like?

Did you know what December in Texas looks like?

At least where I live, December can be either warm or cool. Yesterday's high was in the 70's and I got a couple of nice photos as I ran through the park. Yes, I took my camera on my long run, and I was glad, since I got a nice surprise.