Thursday, December 15, 2011

Did You Know How to Make Easy College Themed Christmas Ornaments?

Did you know how to make easy college themed Christmas ornaments?

In an effort to save money I tried to find a way to make some easy and affordable college themed Christmas ornaments. I came up with two. One is the old trick of getting the paint off colored glass ball ornaments (recycle old ones or buy a box at the dollar store.) This can be done with bleach. You can put a little bleach inside the ball, add rice or salt if you want to help rub it off. Swirl around and the paint should come off. I did have to use a Qtip to help swab off some of the residue. When completely dry you can fill the ball with colored beads or strips of paper. I also added a rolled piece of paper on which I had printed the school logo. This ornament turned out ok, but I was not really happy with it.

What I liked better is using the printed out logos and some brush on tacky glue to attach the logo to the painted ball. I just cut the logo close, applied glue on the back all the way to the edges, then glued it onto the ball. I did have to rub out some wrinkles, carefully so the paper did not tear. After it dried a little while I applied more of the glue over the top, completely covering the logo and a little past the edges. This dried really well, making it look shiny and nice. And should hopefully keep it from peeling off. Then attach desire colored ribbon and you have easy and affordable college themed Christmas ornaments.


Montucky said...

Those are really cool! Pretty and very thoughtful!

silken said...

I think they turned out good and I hope the college kids like them!