Thursday, December 15, 2011

Did You Know How to Keep a Toddler Occupied at a Doctor Visit?

Did you know how to keep a toddler occupied at a doctor visit?

While I had to take the little girl I keep with me today to a doctor appointment for another family member I tried to think of ways to keep her occupied. First and foremost we packed her favorite snacks, goldfish and raisins. We also had a cup of water with us. There were books in the waiting area but she was not interested (all paperbacks.) Then we looked at brochures filled with babies and kids. Then I noticed one of the ladies in her medical scrubs. What I noticed though is that she had on the very same shoes as my little toddler friend! When we compared them they turned out not to be identical, but very close! So that is how we passed our time at the doctor appointment!

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