Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Did You Know About the Best of Both Worlds?

Did you know about the Best of Both Worlds?

Yes. I did it. I broke down. I purchased tickets to the new Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus 3D concert movie. My daughter and her friend and I will head out to see this movie on Saturday. It will be shown for one week only. Some of the shows were already sold out. So I did it. This weekend I will join with other mothers of tween girls who shelled out too much money to support Disney's latest hype.

I guess it's one of those "priceless" moments. Seeing my daughter's excitement is worth the extra bucks...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Did You Know About the Titanic Exhibit?

Did you know about the Titanic exhibit?

I learned earlier this week that beginning today at Moody Gardens in Galveston, there will be an exhibit on the Titanic. Patrons will receive a mock boarding pass to help recreate the feel of boarding the ship in 1912. Each boarding pass will have the name of an actual passenger on board at the time of its sailing. The journey is presented chronologically, from construction, to life on board, to the final demise and the artifact recovery. Visitors will view authentically recreated rooms, touch an iceberg, and hear stories of the passengers themselves. I am looking forward to being able to visit this exhibit. It will be brought to the Gardens by RMS Titanic, the only company permitted by law to recover items from the wreckage.

Did You Know About Vegas hotels?

Did you know about Vegas hotels?

I don't. So if I want to find out about the best deals going, all I have to do is click over to i4vegas and learn about the best discount offers available. This is a site run by Vegas specialists, so I can get the very best deal going on some of the best hotels in Vegas. Review hotel info, check out hotel photos, compare rates, check availability and book a room. Check out the deals at some of their featured hotels!

Did You Know How Much Little Things Mean to Kids?

Did you know how much little things mean to kids?

Of course I have experienced that many times over the course of raising my kids, but I was reminded this week just how much little things mean to kids.

As we finished up our study on volcanoes, I gave the kids a little mini quiz. Nothing too hard and we did it orally. When the little boys were finished, I gave them a certificate that I had gotten on the internet. It showed that they were now "Junior Volcanologists"! They were so thrilled! It was nothing. It took very little time. And yet it meant a great deal to them. They were so proud, telling their cousins and grandparents how they were now "Junior Volcanologists"!

Did You Know My Mom Is Having Her Bathroom Redone?

Did you know my mom is having her bathroom redone?

My mom is having her bathroom redone. She is going all out and having everything done! It is almost finished now and is looking really good. She is having some tile put in. The shower walls are going to be re-tiled as well. She had the old cabinets taken out and new custom made, real wood cabinets put in. She has had new bathroom vanities with nice counter tops put in. Even new mirrors are going to hang on the wall!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Did You Know About the Story Starter Challenge?

Did you know about the story starter challenge?

My blogging friend Pinhole has issued a writing challenge for all interested bloggers. He provided a story starter sentence that you take and weave into a story all your own. It is a great exercise and lots of fun. If you feel like you'd like to take up the challenge, drop by Pinhole's post to see the story starter. Then leave a comment for him when you've got your story posted.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Did You Know My Son Cooked Dinner Tonight?

Did you know my son cooked dinner tonight?

We have all been pretty tired and dragging around here. Today I was trying to get everything gathered up for the evening activities-my husband and I going to a Pilates class and then trying to get dinner ready. Since we did school today and my son was off from school today, he said HE would fix dinner. He offered! And was serious! And he did it all himself (with a little prep help from 7 yr old cousin) and we had a really tasty and nutritious dinner waiting for us when we got home!

Did You Know It's Time to Take Stock of the Camping Gear?

Did you know it's about time to take stock of the camping gear?

For those who love winter camping, I am sure they are out and about right now with their new and improved gear they got for Christmas. But if you are like me, you will wait for warmer weather before braving the elements too much. I think I have even gotten to where I like shelter/cabin camping better than tent camping. And I just saw the great new Cache Lake camping foods that will make meal prep time even easier!

Did You Know About the Coke and Mentos Geyser?

Did you know about the Coke and Mentos geyser?

Since we don't have cable TV, it seems we are the only ones to not have seen this on the popular cable show Myth Busters. My son saw it done at a friend's house, and came home telling us we had to try it out. And it was the perfect "project" to go along with our volcano study. So we got some sodas (diet and regular, all store brand-and they worked fine) and a package of Mentos and the fun began...

Did You Know About Sporting Goods Coupons?

Did you know sporting goods coupons?

I was looking for some warm clothes to run in. Although we live in a mild part of the country, I get cold easily. And if the temperature is in the 40's I want warm clothes for my morning jog! I did not know about Dick's Sporting Goods coupons where I can get some warm workout gear and save money too!

Did You Know About the Paricutin Volcano?

Did you know about the Paricutin volcano ?

In 1943, events going on in Germany and other European countries were not the only earth shaking things happening. In February of 1943 a farmer in Mexico had his world rocked and turned upside down, literally overnight.

As he went out to plow one day, he noticed that from a crack in the ground there was smoke and the smell of rotten eggs. Before long, it seemed as if all the Devil was unleashed right in his field.

A volcano was being born, right in his cornfield. It continued erupting and growing at an astounding rate. Overnight it grew to the size of a house. Within a year it grew to its current height of 1,345 feet. The town and surrounding countryside and towns were all affected. Of course, crops, livestock and people died as a result of the eruption. Many people did move on to other places away from the growing volcano. In the years after the eruptions, it was seen that those folks who moved away could have stood to have gained from the disaster brought on them by the volcano.

The ash was good for the soil and later brought about a good harvest of healthy crops. Of course, many people could not stay around that long, as the volcano continued to erupt until 1953. It is now a sight to see and hear what the villagers have to tell about the birth of the volcano.

Did You Know About the Hottest Valentine's Attire?

Did you know about the hottest Valentine's attire?

Just in time for Valentine's Day, you can now get the hottest fashions in lingerie and alluring clothes, even down to your toes. You can find sexy boots and shoes to go with the hottest Valentine's dresses. You will certainly be ready for a night out to paint the town red.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Did You Know About Blog Swaps?

Did you know about blog swaps?

I've never been involved in one before. This one should be lots of fun. It is a travel swap and you can find out all about it at kelly's place . You will be assigned a swap partner. You then get together a package of your favorite travel items-whatever you want, anything about traveling-and mail them to your partner. It should be lots of fun! But you better hurry because the last day to sign up is tomorrow January 21!! So hurry and join us on the "Wish I Was There Travel Swap!"

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Did You Know About Volkssporting?

Did you know about volkssporting?

I had not heard this term before, but I love the idea! Coming up this weekend is a local volkssporting event , a volkswalk. These are family friendly events which are open to anyone of any age (children under 12 must be with an adult.) It is a free event. You choose your own start time (within the given time frame) and participate in the 10K walk. You can go at a leisurely pace and enjoy the historic sights and sounds of your local route. The route is monitored with check points throughout. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend some time together enjoying local points of interest you may have otherwise overlooked.

Did You Know About Kentucky Derby Party Invitations?

Did you know about Kentucky Derby party invitations?

Ha ha, I didn't even know about Kentucky Derby Parties! But now just in time for the big race, you can order your invitations to let the gang know where your race day bash will be. There are also some really cute horse invitations, which I will have to look into for my daughter.

Did You Know About Commonplace Books?

Did you know about commonplace books?

I just heard this term for the first time this week. It is an idea I really like and think I've even experienced. A commonplace book is a collection of sayings, quotes, meaningful things that readers gather together and keep in a personal journal/scrapbook. The practice began in the middle ages and continues on even today. I kept something very similar to this when I was in high school. Most times, a commonplace book will focus on one theme, compiling ideas along that theme. Today, the commonplace book still has its place. Many people have compared blogging to keeping a commonplace book. There are even a couple of blogs that go by that name.

Did You Know About Medical ID Jewelry?

Did you know about medical id jewelry?

I guess I have not seen any in a while. There are some nicer looking pieces these days. I think the medical id bracelet is a good idea. There are also pendants to choose from for those who prefer that. I really like the medical ID watches. They are nice and functional at the same time.

Did You Know About Capulin Volcano National Park?

Did you know about Capulin Volcano National Park?

I did not know of this park until last week when we had internet troubles. We had folks from the cable company parading through the back yard and up and down the street working on the problem. One of them heard me reading to the kids about volcanoes. He stopped to tell us that he had visited an extinct one in New Mexico. Of course the kids got all excited and asked if we could take a field trip there. Well after looking at the website for Capulin , we thought it would be pretty cool to see, but we have deemed the 14 hour drive a little too long.

Did You Know About Help With Medical Bills?

Did you know about help with medical bills?

As my granny has been undergoing several health issues this past year, I am sure she is grateful for good insurance. Not all seniors are blessed with such good insurance. Many have gaps that have to be filled in with a medicare supplement and still find it difficult at times. There are some plans in place to help folks with medical bills. Beginning on line is often a good way to find information on the kind of help you qualify for.

Did You Know How We Spent Christmas?

Did you know how we spent Christmas?

Christmas at the in-laws out in the country is always exciting for the kids. Of course we have the presents and good food, but the grandparents go all out on the entertainment. This year, here is how Paw Paw entertained the kids-young and old alike!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Did You Know About El Pollo Loco?

Did you know about El Pollo Loco?

Do you crave grilled chicken? Do you dream of citrus marinate? Does trying to get that char-grilled taste at home drive you loco? Are you only getting the charred taste, without the grill? Forget doing it yourself. Forget going loco. Forget grilling chicken at home. Go for the true citrus grilled taste. Go El Pollo Loco.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Did You Know Magma is Liquid Rock?

Did you know magma is liquid rock?

I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but my daughter did an experiment yesterday that really put it into perspective. We used about 1/4 cup of water and 10 TBS of cornstarch, stirred in one TBS at a time. By the last couple of tablespoons, it got pretty hard to stir. Then she tried to put a spoon down into the "putty rock". If she let the spoon slip slowly into the mixture, it went down into it. Slowly pulling it out was no problem either. But if she tried to force the spoon down into it, it was hard and did not go down very far. When she tried to force the spoon out quickly, it was also difficult to pull out. This shows the way that rock inside the earth can function as both a liquid and a solid. When moved slowly, it flows easily, when forced, it cracks and breaks.

Did You Know About Zenni Optical?

Did you know about ZenniOptical?

I just learned about this Great Discovery: www.ZenniOptical.com. They offer eyeglasses starting at $8. Having a pre-teen in glasses makes this offer look really good. My daughter had to get new glasses last year since she broke hers by hanging them on her bike and forgetting they were there. So, at $8 a pair, it seems a lot less of a loss when that kind of stuff happens.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Did You Know One of My Blogs is Blog of the Day?

Did you know one of my blogs is "blog of the day"?

I was thrilled when I opened my PayPerPost account today. There on the dashboard was one of my blogs listed as "blog of the day"! Yippee! It is my "Places to Go" blog. The one where I tell of all the places I've never been but would like to see. Thanks PayPerPost!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Did You Know How to Make a Volcano Sundae?

Did you know how to make a volcano sundae?

If you know me, you know that I find ways to connect lessons with our senses. This week we have been reading about volcanoes so today we made volcano sundaes for dessert. My daughter took some chocolate ice cream and put it into different shaped containers to form the different shapes of volcanoes. She did a shield volcano, a dome volcano and a cinder cone volcano. The little boys crushed chocolate sandwich cookies for dirt and ash, and I cut strawberries for lava.

Did You Know About New Year's Organizing?

Did you know about new year's organizing?

As the new year rolls around, many people try to get organized and make sure they have everything in order. A time of new beginnings like the new year just seems to be the perfect time for this. Setting a budgeting plan, getting health insurance in place, maintaining diet and exercise plans, all these seem to be at the top of many folks list when it comes to redirecting their goals for the new year.

Thank you for reading this sponsored post.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Did You Know I Received the ROAR award?

Did you know I have received the ROAR award?

Like many other bloggers I've come in contact with lately, I have been awarded with a ROAR .

I am supposed to give three writing tips and pass the award on. There are so many good writers out there and I do not feel qualified to give any tips. Since the only writing I do is blog based, I am going to focus my non-qualified tips on blog writing.

1. Roam-get out of you own blog world and into the big cyber world of other blogs. It's all about networking-read other blogs, comment and link back. This is a good way to make blog friends and raise traffic to your blog as well as your blog's page rank.

2. Opportunities-take advantage of opportunities with your blog. Whether you blog for money or for self satisfaction or anything in between, be sure to take advantage of all opportunities presented to build your blog. Opportunities to post ads bring money to your paypal account. Opportunities to play these little games result in more traffic and links for your blog-and they are fun too! Opportunities to learn and share with others seem to be inherent in blogland. Be sure to take advantage of every opportunity you get with your blog.

3. Align your blog-I like to keep my blogs within certain parameters. Keeping the blog aligned or focused is a good way to build readership and maintain a stable blog. It also helps me keep the blog going in the direction I want it to go and allows me to have a "pattern" to follow while posting.

4. Reply-we all love to see comments on our blogs. One way to get more comments, and more traffic, is to reply back to these comments, the more prompt the reply, the better the interaction.

Ok, yes, this is more than three tips but I wanted to take the opportunity to use each letter in the ROAR award to present my tips!

I would like to take the opportunity to send this award on to some bloggers I have only just met as well as some of my old favorites!

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Did You Know How To Make Envelopes from a Calendar?

Did you know how to make your own envelopes?

One of the young girls at church (4 yr old) is fascinated with "good mail". She loves to get and send mail. She loves it so much that she saved her pennies to buy her very own box of envelopes.

I gave her some envelopes I had that a friend had given me years ago (she worked for a card company) that had flowers and graduation designs on them. My little friend loved them. I wanted to find some other envelopes for her and thought maybe I could make some for her. I found a great idea on line to make your own envelopes out of an old calendar. Perfect timing as it was the end of the year and I had a good sturdy calendar to use to make the envelopes. I opened up an old envelope and folded it to a size to fit within the calendar page. Then I traced around it, cut it out, folded the tabs and taped them together to form a really cool envelope. I also sent the pattern with her so she could make some envelopes on her own.

Did You Know I do not Really Enjoy Movies With Subtitling?

Did you know I do not really enjoy movies with subtitling?

Well, it is not like I watch that many movies with subtitling. I guess mostly if I see a film with subtitles, it is on an airplane en route overseas. There was one show in particular that I remember with subtitles. It was a French film that was played on the plane. I rally believe it was rated R and was rather rough and the language was terrible. I was so happy that my ten year old son slept through that one!

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Did You Know How Many People Have Died From Earthquakes?

Did you know how many people have died from earthquakes?

According to a new calendar I have, only two U.S. citizens have died in earthquakes since the year 2000. In 2006, 6604 persons worldwide were killed in earthquakes. In 2004, nearly 300,00 people worldwide lost their lives to and earthquake. This number does however include those deaths from the Indian Ocean tsunami.

Did You Know About Getting New Christmas Lights?

Did you know about getting new Christmas lights?

As I was taking down the Christmas lights today, I was thinking of the new lights we will buy next year. We had talked of getting new ones this year, but decided that we would wait til we took these down and throw them out. They are very old and I learned this year about LED holiday lights. I doubt if the ones we used this year would even pass a Phase I environmental assessment, as they are not very environmentally friendly. So I packed up the old lights, with an eye to getting something a little better next year...

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Did You Know About my New Year's Eve Indulgence?

Did you know about my New Year's Eve indulgence?

While many folks were imbibing the New Year's Spirit(s) on December 31/January 1, I was indulging in something much better! We had decided we would have an ice cream supper, but reason won out and we did go pick up some tacos from the corner Bell before we splurged. Here is the concoction that I completely enjoyed on New Year's Eve...

Did You Know About Land Investment?

Did you know about land investment?

In all honesty, just from what I have noticed in our area, it is true that land is getting harder and harder to come by and small plots are costing a pretty penny. It seems as if everyone wants a piece of land these days, before the supply runs out. Homeowners, commercial businesses, hospitals, stadiums, airports, everyone needs a plot of land to do what they want with it.

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