Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Did You Know About the Cairo Toe?

Did you know about the Cairo Toe?

My friend Christine pointed me to this very interesting article. It seems that a few years ago, archeologists found a mummy wearing what appears to be the oldest prosthetic known. Ancient Egyptians were known to add fake body parts to dead bodies for religious or ceremonial reasons, but the Cairo Toe appears to have been a working prosthetic. If this proves to be true, it will push the date back for the earliest known prosthetic use by 600 or 700 years. You can read the full article here.

Did You Know There is a Nude Beach in Texas?

Did you know there is a nude beach in Texas?

Not that I am planning to visit there (much to the relief of the regular patrons, I'm sure!) but I was surprised to learn this tidbit of information last night. I was looking online for destinations and activities on South Padre Island. I am hoping we can take the kids down that way for one last summer fling. As I was perusing websites, I came across one that gives directions to a nude beach down on the island. Very interesting for those who want to commune with nature the old fashioned way!

Did You Know About I Rate My Day?

Did you know about I Rate My Day?

This is a fun social community where you can
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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Did You Know Galveston Could Look so Nice?

Did you know Galveston could look so nice?

We left on our cruise last week from the port of Galveston. If you are from around here, or have ever visited, you know that the Port of Galveston may not be the nicest around. You can see why we were so taken with the blue of the ocean as we got away from Galveston. But this snapshot on our way out of the port turned out rather nice. My mom was surprised at how nice Galveston looked from this perspective.

Did You Know There is a Rock Climbing Wall Aboard?

Did you know there is a rock climbing wall aboard many cruise ships?

The ship we were on last week has a rock climbing wall 200 feet above the sea. It looked a little scary to me, especially with the wind blowing. My husband climbed and made it to the top on one color level. If you make it to the top of the hardest level you win a T shirt.

Did You Know About Online Poker Dating?

Did you know about Online Poker Dating?

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Friday, July 27, 2007

Did You Know Our Waiters Sang for Us?

Did you know our waiters sang for us?

On two different nights of our cruise, all the wait and kitchen staff came out and sang for the dining room. This was great fun. They paraded through the dining room, and then went down the stairs. The first night they sang patriotic songs and concluded with Deep in the Heart of Texas. This was truly an unique rendition! The last night they sang for us they did a lively rendition of O Sole Mio. Such great fun! Not only did we have lovely food every night, we had great entertainment as well.

Did You Know About Los Pappas Gauchos?

Did you know about Los Pappas Gauchos?

On the last night of our cruise, we were lucky enough to get to see this group from Argentina perform. They were great at doing traditional dances, drums and some other type of rope type tricks. One of them also was adept at whip cracking. This was by far the best show, very entertaining and lively and great excitement generated from the gauchos themselves. We truly enjoyed this show. Ole!

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Did you know look alike sunglasses?

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Did You Know About Towel Animals?

Did you know about towel animals?

This little amusement was something we looked forward to each night. Every night before bed, our wonderful stateroom attendant Lilliana provided us with an "animal" folded from towels on our bed. The first night we walked in to find a bunny holding the TV remote. The next night a dog, then a stingray, a turtle. One night, a monkey was hanging from bar on the ceiling! Then the last night she left us with a simple heart.

The last sea day, on the way home, they provided us with a towel folding demonstration in which we could learn some of these cute tricks. I was late to the class, but did learn how to do the stingray (easy!). The kids really got a kick out of these pictures.

Did You Know About the Midnight Buffet?

Did you know about the Midnight Buffet?

While on our cruise, we were never at a lack for food. Some of the food was better than other, but all was plentiful. One of the highlights of the food display and consumption was the midnight buffet. For thirty minutes prior to the buffet, we were allowed to come in and take pictures. It was incredible! There were numerous ice carvings, watermelon carvings and other food sculptures. There were some carvings out of something that we think was a margarine type substance. Some of the best desserts were served during this marvelous spread.

Did You Know About MultiVend?

Did you know about multivend?

Some time ago, when my youngest sister was to begin high school, for many various personal reasons, my mother decided to begin homeschooling her. In order to be able to afford to do this, my mom came upon the opportunity to be able to work from home by taking on a route of vending machines. This job allowed her the freedom and flexibility to make some money, and yet be home to help my sister with her school work.

Multivend is just such a company. Established in 1990, Multivend has become one of the leading bulk vending manufacturers. Multivend has a worldwide presence with 9000 members. Bulk vending machines provide 100% cash business and an 80% profit margin. And the freedom and flexibility to work from home and set your own hours are a great asset to the folks who run the routes.

Multivend has continued to improve their services and recently released its newest machine, the Vendstar 3000 which includes the digital quarter counter and the 1" wheel which allows you to place gumballs and toy dispensers for even greater product offerings.

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Did You Know About Dzibilchaltun?

Did you know Dzibilchaltun?

I know about it, but cannot pronounce it! This is a site of Mayan ruins. The name means "the place where there is writing on the stones". We did see one stone with some Mayan writing on it. The tour guide told us that although the Mayan language is still spoken, it cannot be read. I find that very interesting.

This site is very interesting. It has the temple through which the sun shines directly through during the equinox. The main temple is known as "The Temple of the Sun" and also the "Temple of the Seven Dolls" for the seven doll like figures that were found inside. The people there also built a causeway and road system. We saw a sun dial, but unfortunately did not get to see the housing complex.

About a mile away from the main temple is the cenote. This is a sinkhole which is fed from underground waters. This is one of the deepest on the Yucatan. They have recovered many vessels from the cenote. This water hole is covered with water lilies and we were allowed to swim in it as well.

This makes for a fascinating excursion and I wish we had more time to explore the area.

Did You Know About Progreso, Mexico?

Did you know about Progreso, Mexico?

This was our last port of call to visit. The pier is over four miles long. We were once again back in the Gulf of Mexico, so the water color was not as vibrant as in the Caribbean.

Again, we chose to chance it by not buying a ship sponsored excursion. We were glad. When we got ashore, we bought the same package tour we had looked at onboard, for about $20 cheaper, apiece. We took the free shuttle to the flea market. We had a couple hours before our tour left so we ate some nachos and took a walk along the beach. There were many vendors eager to sell us things, but we just looked around. We walked back to the flea market to sit in some shade. It was VERY HOT. We laid on a bench til time to meet our tour.

We had a private tour bus, just like the one provided on the ship tours, only there were ten people in our tour as opposed to close to 100. We took a 15 minute drive to see some Mayan ruins (more in the next post.) Our guide took us through the museum, and out to the ruins. We then were shuttled back to the flea market for those who wanted to stay in town. Otherwise, the bus took us back to the ship. My husband and I were the only ones wanting to go back to the ship, so we had the private bus all to ourselves!

Did You Know About HockeysFuture.com?

Did you know about HockeysFuture.com?

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Did You Know About Costa Maya?

Did you know about Costa Maya?

This port of call is the most "touristy" of the ones we visited. It is owned by the cruise ship lines. The port is built in a circle, with one side being a shopping strip and the other a restaurant and beach area. It was a nice port, very beautiful, but we only stayed onshore a couple of hours. There seemed to be some excursions available, but we were worn our from our two previous days, so decided this was a good day to take it easy. And we were glad to have decided that. After about two hours in the terminal, another cruise ship docked. We decided as they unloaded, it was time for us to head back to our ship and relax. This port was very pretty, but we were just as happy to miss the crowds.

Did You Know About Roatan, Honduras?

Did you know about Roatan, Honduras?

This small island, located six miles from the mainland, was our second port of call last week. We were greeted once again by a lush green island, encircled by beautiful blue waters. We never were really able to get over the color of the water. (If you live near Galveston, or have ever visited, you will know why!)

On this island, we rented a scooter, rode 1K down the beach where we had a reservation with the Luna Beach Dive Shop. Here we met Wolfgang and Steve our scuba diving instructors for the day!

Again, my husband and I went off for our own independent excursion (one we had set up before leaving home). We were the only two people in our Discover Scuba Diving Class. We spent a short time filling in a medical release and watching an instructional video. Then we were suited up for instruction in the water. This took place just off the beach, about 20 feet deep. After practicing breathing, and learning to clear our mask and regulator, (and seeing an octopus who had caught a crab!) we were off for our dive, about 40 to 50 feet down to a coral reef.

We took a short boat ride through the glass-like waters. After entering the water, we followed a rope down, being sure to stabilize our ears every few feet. Then, we were off to explore the reef for about 50 minutes! It was absolutely amazing! The best description I have is it was so dream-like! I loved the weightless feeling, the slow moving kicking. I was pretty scared of losing my breathing apparatus (though I knew what to do should that happen). This dive was so wonderful and Wolfgang and Steve were awesome instructors who were so careful and patient with us. Thank you for sharing your underwater world with us!

After our amazing dive, we rode our scooter around just snapping shots of this beautiful island.

Did you know about the Maternity Card?

Did you know about the Maternity Card?

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Did You Know About Chankanaab?

Did you know about Chankanaab?

This National Park in Cozumel, Mexico is where I spent my 20th anniversary! We took a cruise ship over to Cozumel and then a cab over to Chankanaab. The setting was like stepping into a postcard. We went to the beach area first, while others from our cruise ship took ship sponsored excursions or went to do shopping first. This meant that the beach was far less crowded than it became in the afternoon. Despite a bit of clouds and a little rain that passed on by, we spent the morning snorkeling in the
turquoise blue waters. We saw many fish and coral, but my favorite sight of the day was the "nest" of HUGE starfish-there must have been hundreds! And I could not get over how big they were.