Monday, March 22, 2010

Did You Know About Yee Sang Salad?

Did you know about Yee Sang Salad ?

Also known as "Yusheng" "Lo Hei" or my preference "Raw Fish Salad". This traditional New Year's Salad is served most often in the Chinese cultures in Malaysia and Singapore. It consists of many raw sliced/shredded vegetables and raw fish such as mackerel or salmon. The veggies are in a large platter and added to this are many spices and a plum sauce and then the fish. Each of these represents some form of prosperity for the coming new year. As each ingredient is added, a "blessing" or calling out of prosperous words is announced. After all ingredients have been added, the fun begins! Everyone grabs his/her chopsticks and begins tossing the salad. Literally. The higher the better. The tossing is another form of asking for prosperity and the higher you toss, the more prosperity you receive! As the tossing takes place, everyone is shouting new year blessings and greetings, making for a fun and silly time before digging into the cool refreshing salad!

We were blessed to actually get to partake of Yee Sang twice. While it is normally eaten on the seventh day of the new year, we had it once early in a family's home and another time on the seventh day with a large group after church. I wonder what it says about my youngest nephew and his prosperity that he ended up with salad on his forehead after the tossing!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did You Know About Sakura Buffet?

Did you know about Sakura Buffet?

Early in our trip we were blessed by three sisters who treated us to the Sakura Buffet. It was amazing! First we went to their home for tidbits and drinks and a little visiting. Then we all walked over to the restaurant which was very nearby. I believe it is the one located on Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 blk 253. At any rate, we loved the look of the restaurant and of course of all the food available!

There were fried foods, salads, noodles, meats and fish that we could choose for them to cook for us, steamed foods, and desserts including ice cream.

There was also sharks fin soup which I did not see til I was getting dessert and by then I didn't want to try it. Everything was delicious. I loved the fried prawns and vegetable cakes.

I didn't try anything too "out there"-some eel, yam soup (delicious!), and a small whole fish-actually not too bad.

We left the place stuffed and grateful to our hostesses!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Did You Know About River Hong Bao?

Did you know about the River Hong Bao?

This was a treat for us on New Year's night. We went downtown and took in the sights and festivities that were set up in celebration of the incoming Year of the Tiger.

We enjoyed all the colorful decorations, the horoscope animals (we all took our photo in front of our animal), the light up scenes and the sights and sounds.

The city across the waves was beautiful, the festivities were loud and the stage show was interesting though not the highlight of our evening. Perhaps my favorite things that night were the animal horoscope and the dragon & phoenix display made out of dishes!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Did You Know About Chinatown During Chinese New Year?

Did you know about Chinatown during Chinese New Year?

We were thrilled to be in Singapore to welcome in the Year of the Tiger!

We arrived just days before the new year began and were blessed to take part in many of the local customs. One of the first things we did was to visit Chinatown and take in all the decorations.

We went during the afternoon so that it was not as crowded as it would be in the evening/night. The crowds were enough for us! It was hot and crowded but very festive. We enjoyed all the beautiful decorations.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Did You Know About My Short Time in Moscow?

Did you know about my short time in Moscow?

We flew into Moscow en route to Singapore, two very different countries! We were excited to visit Moscow since one of our young friends at church was born there!

My 5 year old traveling companion and I had new matching shoes! Ready for our adventure together!

Looking out the window we could see frost/snowflakes and snow on the ground!

We found it rather amusing that we were going to visit a tropical island via the frozen north! Both going and coming we had to wait while the wings were de-iced.

I was excited to see the letters spelling out M-O-S-C-O-W as we taxied in; made for a great picture for our little friend back home.

The kiddos in our group enjoyed watching the planes while we waited in line.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Did You Know About My Recent Trip?

Did you know about my recent trip?

Having just returned after nearly a month overseas, I am anxious to get photos posted online. Since I was gone so long and have so many photos to post, I will do so in installments. And if I am still able to get them, I will be placing "ad posts" in between, so just be aware that some of the upcoming posts will likely not have anything to do with the trip.