Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did You Know About Sakura Buffet?

Did you know about Sakura Buffet?

Early in our trip we were blessed by three sisters who treated us to the Sakura Buffet. It was amazing! First we went to their home for tidbits and drinks and a little visiting. Then we all walked over to the restaurant which was very nearby. I believe it is the one located on Choa Chu Kang Ave 1 blk 253. At any rate, we loved the look of the restaurant and of course of all the food available!

There were fried foods, salads, noodles, meats and fish that we could choose for them to cook for us, steamed foods, and desserts including ice cream.

There was also sharks fin soup which I did not see til I was getting dessert and by then I didn't want to try it. Everything was delicious. I loved the fried prawns and vegetable cakes.

I didn't try anything too "out there"-some eel, yam soup (delicious!), and a small whole fish-actually not too bad.

We left the place stuffed and grateful to our hostesses!


Montucky said...

This could have been an advertising piece for the restaurant. It looks so clean and neat and the foods so colorful. Food is one of the very most difficult things to photograph well, and you did a great job of it!

silken said...

oh it was so good! and the restaurant was nice too. Hey, if they want to give me some gift vouchers, I won't complain! I guess I just got lucky on the food photos-I'm no expert like you montucky!