Thursday, September 27, 2007

Did You KnowThis Weekend is Craig Biggio's Last Game with the Houston Astros?

Did you know this weekend is Craig Biggio's last game with the Houston Astros?

Biggio has become a household name, especially in the Houston area. He is a great baseball player and an all around good guy. His modest ways have only made him more endearing to the hometown fans. He has often given back to the community, in which has lived and played in his nearly twenty year career. Craig will be sorely missed on the field, though he will still live on with his fans.

Did You Know About the Kilt?

Did You Know About the Kilt?

As I was asked to review a website where you can purchase a kilt and kilt accessories, I thought I better brush up on my kilt knowledge. I did know that the kilt were unbifurcated (though I’ve never used that word!-it simply means it is not divided into parts, as pants are.) I knew that the kilt was made of plaid cloth, though I did not realize what all was involved with this aspect of the kilt. I knew that some folks wear only a kilt, with nothing underneath.

But I just learned a few new things as well. I learned that the kilt is made from several different kinds of cloth, and yes, it is made using certain colors. These colors may represent family clans, or may be approved by a committee for re-enacting purposes. The stripes on a kilt always run vertically or horizontally, but never slanted or diagonally. There are particular kinds of pleats used on the kilt. And lastly, I learned that the plural form of "kilt" is "the kilt", not "kilts".

I learned all this from the website. Here you can order beautiful, traditional pieces, as well as more modern wear. You can get all the accessories you need to wear with your kilt, like the pouch, shirts, hose, brooches, and jackets. You can also read up more on the history of the kilt and the different types of the kilt (Scottish, Irish, Welsh, contemporary) and the impact the kilt has had upon contemporary styles.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Did You Know Joe Scruggs is Coming to Town?

Did you know Joe Scruggs is coming to town?

I first heard Joe Scruggs when my youngest sister (ten years my junior) was small. We would listen to Joe's silly, fun songs in the car. When I later had my own kids, I hunted down Joe's tunes for them to listen to. That is when I really fell in love with Joe's work. My kids loved him. We even had the chance to go see him in concert in our hometown when the kids were still small. Much fun!

And I just learned today that he is coming to a nearby town. Joe will be performing at Friendswood High School on Thursday, Novemeber 8 at 7pm. We have our tickets and can hardly wait!

Did You Know We Love Books?

Did you know we love books?

I've loved to read as long as I can remember. I loved visiting the library as a kid and really looked forward to the school book fairs. I have been so pleased that my kids love to read as well. This is something that will carry them through life and bring joy for many years.

Books are one of my favorite gifts to give. Almost every Christmas, this is what we get the kids in our extended family. I don't know if they all love to read as much as we do, but we love to share our passion for books with them.

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Did You Know About Our Day At the Museum?

Did you know about our day at the museum?

None of the exhibits really came to life, but I think some things really came alive for my two young nephews. This was their first trip to this museum. They completely enjoyed it and I think we will have to go back another day to soak it all in some more.

We began our journey in the museum in the late afternoon. This was to take advantage of the free admission. We headed straight for the Egyptian exhibit. We got to the area pointed out and could not locate the exhibit. We asked again, and finally found it.

It was very small, relegated to one corner. We were at first very disappointed by the size of it. But after we looked carefully, there was everything there that we expected and hoped for. We first saw a sarcophagus and next we saw a "real, dead mummy." This was the mummy of Ankh-Hap who lived about 2,000 years ago. Not much is known about him, though he must have been well off to afford to be mummified. This mummy has had some touch up done in recent years.

It was amazing to see the bandages, the leathery skin/bone showing through in parts. The kids loved the coffin. We also saw a canopic jar, amulets, and mummified animals. The kids really enjoyed seeing the things we have been reading about. We then toured throughout the rest of the museum. An overall great day at the museum.

(No photos of the mummy were allowed)

Did You Know About Sproose Search Engine?

Did you know about Sproose search engine?

This is the one search engine "of the people, by the people, and for the people." What that means is that this search engine is controlled by its users, not corporations. There is no money that can raise the status of a site. Only the votes of the users can determine the status of a site on this "user powered search" list. If you want to take a look, click here to try sproose.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Did You Know How Much of the Earth's Water We Use?

Did you know how much of the earth's water we use?

My daughter took some notes out of her science book today. She wanted to know if I knew that 3/4 of the earth's surface is made of water. I did know that. She then told me that 97% of that water is salt water. (That's a lot.) Of the 3% left, 2% is made up into glaciers. That leaves one percent for human use!

Did You Know You Can Have Your Own Online Store?

Did you know you can have your own online store?

There are many ways to make money on the internet. Many people are using their blogs to make money, lots are selling on internet auction sites, and there are quite a number who are opening their very own online stores. This is a great option for those who have unique products to sell as well as those who would like to provide services to many people throughout the nation, or even the world.

Using the internet to set up an online store can be fast and easy. It can take a little time to get it set up and started, but once you are up and running, it can help make owning your own business a dream come true. There are places that will help guide you through setting up your own online store. You can go through some websites as a host.

Once you are ready, it is easy to install online checkout software. Shopping Cart Software is as close as a click of the mouse. With Ashop ecommerce software, you can set up in a matter of minutes, and begin selling right now. With this easy to use, fully customizable shopping cart, you can accept customers credit cards. This shopping cart is web based so there is no installation headache involved. This may be one of the easiest parts of setting up your online store.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Did You Know That Marcel Marceau Has Died?

Did you know that Marcel Marceau has died?

Marceau has long been known as one of the best mime actors in the world. He began almost sixty years ago pantomiming dramas, creating the famous "Bip" character. He started his own pantomime troupe. When it later went under financially, he started a school for Mimodrame. He is said to have been inspired by the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, the clowns of the Commedia dell'Arte, Chinese opera and Japanese Noh plays. He hoped to express himself and his feelings with actions without using words. He could make a definite statement without saying a thing.

"Mime, like music, knows neither borders nor nationalities," he once said. "If laughter and tears are the characteristics of humanity, all cultures are steeped in our discipline."

Did You Know About the Hoodia Diet Patch?

Did you know about the Hoodia diet patch?

It seems as if these days everyone is looking for an answer to our dieting dilemmas. If you have tried many other products, you may be interested in adding the Hoodia patch to your daily regimen of healthy eating and exercise. This patch will help to suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism, giving you that nudge toward your goal weight.

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Did You Know About My Daughter's Mini Egypt Map?

Did you know about my daughter's mini Egypt map?

This is a small version of a map that she began working on a couple of weeks ago. It is a small map to show the topography of Egypt. Though she had a good time with this one, it just wasn't the same as our edible map !

She began with a litter pan. She filled it with potting soil.

Then she made a space for the Nile. She lined it with foil.

Next she layered the outer edges with sand. Last, she placed grass seed in the soil next to the "Nile" to show where the fertile soil lay. Once a week, she "floods" the Nile.

And now, she has grass growing next to her "Nile".

Did You Know About Buying Gold Coins?

Did you know about buying gold coins?

Choosing to buy gold coin is an easy way to invest. Many Americans are prompted to invest in gold coins because of the "fiat" system. A fiat system means that it is controlled by government edict. It has been proven to be virtually impossible for a government to proclaim a sound and reliable system of money when it is based in paper currency. Today, many see buying gold coins as an answer for a sound money system. Today it is easy to find current up to the minute prices on line. You can choose from Gold Vienna Philharmonics, Gold American Buffalo coins, Gold American Eagle Coins, or even the Gold Canadian Maple Leafs.

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Did You Know We are Celebrating Fifty Years of Space Travel?

Did you know we are celebrating fifty years of space travel?

To folks like me who grew up knowing space travel all my life, it may come as a jolt to remember that it is a fairly new endeavor. For my parents it is a wonder come true. For my grandparents, it may still be a bit unbelievable. If you want to take a virtual journey of the last fifty years of space travel, you can enjoy National Geographics Virtual Timeline .

Did You Know About the Frozen Incan Mummy that was Found?

Did you know about the frozen Incan Mummy that was found?

In my latest email newsletter from National Geographic, I learned about a frozen mummy that was discovered in the Andes Mountains. The mummy is of a 16 year old girl, which was found along with two other children mummies. It is believed that they were being offered as sacrifices. The bodies were frozen and mummified by the exposure to the freezing temperatures. The mummies are now on display in an Argentine museum. They reside in a closed case, refrigerated and with low moisture to ensure the continued results on the mummification procedure.

Did You Know About Cosmetology School?

Did you know about Cosmetology School?

I had a friend in high school who went through the local high school cosmetology program. It seems that these are rare these days, to find these programs offered in the local high school.

There are however many good cosmetology schools available for those who wish to pursue such a career. One such school is Regency. It is the largest growing cosmetology school. Its humble beginnings were in Minneapolis with two schools. Regency has now grown to thirty campuses in nine states. Regency prides itself in offering the best, high scale equipment in teaching its students. Graduates will be an asset to both the salon community and the general public once their schooling is completed. While earning their certification, they aid the public by offering high quality salon services at discounted prices.

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Did You Know About Using a Left Handed Mouse?

Did you know about using a left handed mouse?

My sister in law is left handed and has mentioned before how difficult it is to do certain things which were designed by right handers, for right handers. For example, driving. The gear shift is on the right side.

I thought of this again recently as I began homeschooling my youngest nephew, who prefers his left hand. As he works on the computer, it is difficult for him to use the mouse comfortably, since it is designed for right handed use. I began looking for a left handed mouse. I did find some online, but I was hoping that I could find one fairly cheap. I went to Wal Mart to see if they had one. They guy who helped me said no, he had never even heard of them, and he is left handed! He has learned to use the mouse with his right hand and that is what he does now. I wonder if it would be helpful for my nephew to use a left handed mouse or go ahead and learn to become comfortable with the right handed one...

Did You Know Our Word "Luxury" Comes from the Ancient Egyptian City of Luxor?

Did you know our word "luxury" comes from the Ancient Egyptian city of Luxor?

As we have learned about Ancient Egypt, we have learned about many things that we still use today which were used, or forerunners were used, by the Ancient Egyptians. Some of the words we use today have come to us from Ancient Egypt. For example, the word "luxury" has come to mean anything grand or extravagant. This is because the temples and buildings of Ancient Luxor were grand and extravagant, and the word has come down to us today.

Did You Know About All Inclusive Mexico Vacations?

Did you know about All Inclusive Mexico Vacations?

These are the top of the line luxury vacations. They are tailored specifically for the discerning, hard to impress affluent traveler. And they include everything, yes, EVERYTHING, for one price, from luxury lodging to gourmet dining.

We are not talking about buffet bars here, though they do provide a kids buffet at the family friendly resorts. With Karisma Hotels, you will find your stay on the white beaches of Mexico a vacation to savor, to never forget. You will receive the indulgences and the elite service you would expect with a luxury vacation. You will have a beach butler bring your drinks on a private stretch of sand. Beach beds with retractable curtains provide the intimacy and the impromptu beach views to enhance your experience. Hot tubs, hammocks and swim up rooms with ocean view provide the romantic, exotic pampering you desire. Gourmet food served in sophisticated fashion and upscale locales bring the ultimate luxury to your vacation.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Did You Know You Can Go to the Museum for Free?

Did you know you can go to the museum for free?

The Houston Museum of Natural Science has many permanent exhibit halls, including Texas history, dinosaurs and Egypt. The museum is open ever day. On Tuesdays after 2 pm, admission to the permanent exhibit halls is FREE! We are going next week to take advantage of this unbeatable price!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Did You Know How to Win Free Workout Gear?

Did you know how to win new workout gear?

I have always loved "working out" on my own. I have been a walker since 1990. I have walked in parks, on college tracks, through numerous neighborhoods and sports complexes. I love the feeling a daily walk brings. You can greet the day, which is what I prefer, or walk in the evening after a long day, relieving the built up stress. You can take in the sights, whether they be your neighbors and the changes each season brings to your neighborhood, or the sights of nature in your local park, as well as anything in between. It's always fun to discover something "new" that you may have walked past for months, or even years. And walking is cheap. All it takes is a good pair of shoes, and comfortable clothes. Making the time each day is sometimes difficult, but I can sure tell a difference if I miss-both in my mind and body.

Right now, Ryka is offering a special way to win new workout gear. Simply write a blog post telling how you fit in your special exercise (or how you don't!), link back to their post and let them know you've joined in. And for even more chances to win, Ryka is giving away 50 shirts and 50 pairs of shoes each day in October ! So come on and join in. Somebody is going to get a new pair of shoes!

Did You Know About Freeze It Pain Relief Gel?

Did you know about Freeze It Pain Relief Gel?

I received a packet in the mail asking me to give this new advanced therapy pain relief gel a try. I am always suffering from pulled muscles, whether from runs or strength training, so I knew the opportunity to try this out would soon arise.

Today I applied this pain relief gel to a strained muscle in my chest. I had been told that this gel was really great, that it wasn't greasy and provided great relief. Well, I really had to agree with that assessment. It was great! I loved the non-greasy formula. And I really do mean non-greasy. It applied easily, rubbed right in leaving no greasy residue to stick to my clothes. The smell was strong, though not unpleasant, almost reminiscent of the old Vicks VapoRub we used as kids. The best thing about the smell is that it did not stay on my hands after I washed them. The gel washed off completely and easily with no lingering odor.

The medicine itself worked well on my strained muscle. I could feel the penetrating action. The application area felt cool, not the hot sensation you get with other similar ointments. It never burned or stuck to my clothes. And after a short time, the odor disappeared from the area. So I was getting the medicinal benefit without the side effects of lingering odor and sticky clothes.

I am looking forward to purchasing Freeze It in stores soon, as this will be the new pain relief gel of choice.

Did You Know I Disclose?

Did you know I disclose?

I feel the need to be up front with my readers when I make a post for pay. I try to put a "disclaimer" at the bottom of each sponsored post telling you that the post has been compensated for. I am now going to make a sitewide statement that I Disclose:

This policy is valid from 18 September 2007

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. I do receive compensation for some posts. I will choose what to say about such places to visit. These posts will not provide a conflict of interest for me.

Did You Know How The Ancient Egyptians Had Fun?

Did you know how the Ancient Egyptians had fun?

We read today about the toys and games that were popular with the kids and adults of Ancient Egypt. For the kids, there were toys which included rattles for the babies, balls, marbles, dolls and pull toys shaped like animals. Kids would play a form of Tug O' War and Leap Frog. There were a couple of popular board games enjoyed by young and old alike, even by Pharaoh. There was the Snake Game in which the board was shaped like a coiled snake and the popular Senet. We found several versions online of this game. The original rules have been lost through time, but there are several variations being played still today. There were even four Senet board games found in King Tut's tomb when it was discovered!

Did You Know How to Regain Credit With Bad Credit?

Did you know how to regain credit with bad credit?

Earlier this week, we were talking to our kids about how hard it is to rebuild your credit once you've gotten into trouble and fallen into bad credit. It is so hard to rebuild and takes so much time and effort. And in the meantime, it is difficult to get the things you need and want.

If you have found yourself in such a situation, you may find it overwhelming to try to find the best Bad Credit Offers to help you out of the situation. You can now compare such offers online, finding the one that fits your needs best. When you make your payments on time, you can begin to rebuild your credit and eventually, your future.

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Did You Know About Our Edible Map?

Did you know about our edible map?

Anytime I want to teach a lesson, I try to incorporate every sense possible. I believe this helps the student to implement the lesson and retain it better. One of our favorite things to do is to "eat our homework". I love to incorporate food into our lessons any time possible.

Last Friday, in our study of Ancient Egypt, the kids made a cookie map. We made a sugar cookie, used sour straws to represent the Nile river. We tinted coconut green to use as the grass and fields along the Nile. We then crushed graham crackers and spread it over the remaining "land" to show that this area is all desert. Then we added chocolate chip pyramids and marshmallow mountains. Last, my oldest nephew decided we needed a sphinx to guard the pyramids. My daughter and he designed one from pretzels and marshmallows, complete with colored icing.

The best part...we got to "eat our homework"!

Did You Know About Anglian Homes?

Did you know about Anglian Homes?

This UK based company prides itself on being a leader in the home improvements business. They have long been recognized for their high quality work. If you are imagining adding some extra room to your house, they may have just what you are looking for. If you have always dreamed of a sun room, their variety of conservatories brings a unique dimension to your home. You will enjoy the sun shining in to your home, providing natural lighting and helping to increase the value of your home. You can rest assured with the ten year guarantee they provide standard. Browse through their offerings or have one customised to your home size and design.

Perhaps you are in the market for a new driveway. Here you will find ways to raise your home's curb appeal. You will find outstanding designs in, fully customisable, available in both classic and contemporary designs. Anglian is proud to provide customers with exceptional quality and durability. They use 60mm stones in paving driveways, available in both classic and contemporary designs. They provide a straight forward four step approach, making home improvement easier on the purchaser.

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Did You Know About the Breaking of the Code of the Hieroglyphs?

Did you know about the breaking of the code of the hieroglyphs?

Today I learned how hieroglyphs used in Ancient Egypt were decoded. It was not until 1822 that the code was broken to be able to understand the writing of the Egyptians. When the Rosetta Stone was found in 1799 by one of Napolean's soldiers, it brought about the keys to breaking the code. The Rosetta Stone contained hieroglyphic writing along with demotic writing and Greek. Champollion was able to use his knowledge of Ancient Greek to decode the hieroglyphs. This was the beginning to understanding the secret writing of the Ancient Egyptians.

Did You Know About Red Gac?

Did you know about Red Gac?

Are you looking for the fountain of youth for your skin? It seems as if a fruit found in Southeast Asia, particularly in Vietnam, is well known for its effects of keeping the skin young and healthy.

The Red Gac is a fruit found growing freely all over Vietnam. It is grown in home gardens as well. The pulp of this bright red fruit is normally mashed and served mixed with rice. The bright red color is thought to impart good luck and joy.

And now, for those who choose to use Red Gac topically, they will find good luck and joy with the rejuvenation of their skin. Red Gac is full of antioxidents that nourish the skin. The R.G. Skin Revitalizer oil is highly absorbed by the skin and is filled with carotenoids which provide a rich supply of nourishment to the skin. The body quickly abosorbs these oils which in turn provide an excellent source of defense against free radicals. Gac oil helps to support cellular rejuvenation through the naturally occurring beta carotene, lycopene and other antioxidents found naturally in the oil.

Gac stands out among other fruits in benefit to the body. This is because it is an oil and not a juice. It provides a long chain of fatty acids. The fat in the pulp is necessary for the body to absorb the nutrients. Because your body needs “good fats” the gac oil is an excellent choice in skin care.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

Did You Know About our Salt Dough Mummy?

Did you know about our salt dough mummy?

Yesterday we made up a salt dough mummy. Using the salt dough recipe and a mummy mold, we baked up a mock mummy. After it hardened we used linen gauze strips dipped in flour paste to wrap around our mummy.

After it got good and dried my daughter used Sharpie marking pens to paint on the "mask".

The kids then decorated a sarcophagus to place it in, complete with charms and amulets.

Did You Know About the Smart Knife?

Did you know about the smartknife?

Knife safety is a big issue in the world of OSHA. If you are looking to reduce the number of recordable OSHA incidences, check out the Mega Safe Smart Knife. This safety utility knife is ergonomically designed for use by both right and left handers. Its spring load action quickly retracts the moment the blade edge contact is lost. The safety system cannot be manipulated, making it among the safest available.

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Did You Know How Fun It Is to Play Mummy?

Did you know how fun it is to play mummy?

In studying mummies and mummification, we read about the process the body went through in preparation for burial. It is indeed a fascinating process. The kids really listened, and then really remembered as they "re-enacted" the process. They remembered the ritual procedures and then had a great time getting wrapped in "bandages" to be an actual mummy. The first day, we used up several rolls of toilet paper. When the little guys wanted to "play mummy" again today, instead of wasting more paper, I cut up a sheet so they could play anytime they want.

Did You Know Where to Shop Online for Luggage?

Did you know where to shop online for luggage?

Although many people are done traveling for a while now that summer is over, now may be a great time to buy your new luggage for your next trip. Whether you are in the market for some great looking, long lasting Samsonite or simply need a great carry on or back pack, be sure to check out the summer blowout sale at

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Did You Know We Have Been Reading About Ancient Egypt?

Did you know we have been reading about Ancient Egypt?

This week has been a fascinating week reading about pharaohs, pyramids, and the mummification process. My daughter and nephews have been enjoying all that we've learned. One day we built pyramids with blocks and put together some pre-cut pyramids, boats and a temple mock up. There has been much to learn from our wonderful studies of this amazing time in history.