Friday, November 30, 2012

Did You Know How to Earn Cash Rewards on Your Motorcycle Accessories?

Did you know how to earn cash rewards on your motorcycle accessories?

At Competition Accessories, they are giving you a good reason to consider buying from them. They offer a "Comp-a-Cash" Reward program. They simply reward you for buying from them and apply your reward to your next order! The reward is good for one year giving you plenty of time to use it. And right now shoei helmets from are on sale with free shipping deals!

Did You Know A Good Gift for Teens on Your List?

Did you know a good gift for teens on your list?

In trying to decide what to get the teens and preteens on my Christmas list, I think I came up with a good idea. In years past I have done books or candy and one year CD openers. This year I am giving them all earbuds. I bought a lot of decent earbuds on eBay and hope that this year's gift to my cousin's kids will be pretty close to a hit!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Did You Know About Turnkey Printing Websites?

Did you know about turnkey printing websites?

These are the places folks go to have their printing needs taken care of. For projects ranging from business cards to banners, these printing websites can take care of getting your message out there for folks to see. Some even offer a free demo so you can see just how your needs can best be met.

Did You Know The Importance of a Laptop for College?

Did you know the importance of a laptop for college?

I had known that a laptop computer was convenient but as our son got ready to head to college we saw more and more the importance of having a laptop computer with him. So we got him one for his high school graduation. The school he was going to was very small but embraced and utilized technology to the best of its ability. And when he transferred schools, we saw just how important constant and easy/convenient access to a computer is for today's students. So we plan on doing the same for our daughter's graduation-buying her a laptop.  We want to give her the very best chance she has to succeed in today's post secondary environment. My son has told me he doesn't know how he could do it without his laptop. I hope that our kids have every opportunity to succeed.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Did You Know How to Rent a Beach House?

Did you know how to rent a beach house?

It's easy to search for a beach house using online tools. For example, you can  rent a beach house from It's easy to search for the area and type of house you want. I have once used an online tool to search for a beach house rental in Corpus Christi, TX. It worked out fine. I do recommend of course making some sort of contact with the owner or renter before entering into any kind of deal/contract.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Did You Know the New York Marathon is Cancelled?

Did you know the New York Marathon is Cancelled? I just read that the mayor of New York has decided to cancel this weekend's long standing event. While I know that many folks who have worked hard to train for this event may be disappointed, I think it is probably the right thing to do, in light of all the efforts going on in hurricane clean up. Although the marathon would have brought in many people and their money, it does not seem like the right time for such an event. It would have also been an added burden on a city strained with clean up efforts. Hopefully all the survivors of the storm will be back on their feet again soon and the marathon will take place another time.

Did You Know How to Buy Silver?

Did you know how to buy silver? I guess I never really thought about it. I didn't realize folks were buying silver. I think that whenever beginning an endeavor like buying silver or gold, it's best to do some homework before beginning. I do know that buying these metals are important for both collectors and investors.