Sunday, November 27, 2011

Did You Know A Place to Buy Books?

Did you know a place to buy books?

Of course there are the local bookstores, both large and small. And the online sites that help get the written (and downloaded) word out. But tonight as I was doing my grocery shopping I got sidetracked by a bin of books. Nice hardcover books. And they were marked 3/$10!! I found some really good titles and picked up quite a few for gifts. I always love giving books but probably would not have thought to look at the grocery store for affordable books.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Did You Know About Ironman Events?

Did you know about Ironman events?

Last weekend I was blessed to be able to attend my husband's first Ironman race. It was a HUGE event. I think the MDot (Ironman logo) is a trademarked logo and it has all become pretty big business and a very big event. There were lots of tents with banners set in retractable banner stands marking each tent. With all the tents for vendors, athletes, volunteers and food, it made up a little village! There were 2400+ athletes competing, 4000 volunteers and as many spectators as it takes to encourage that many athletes! It was very exciting and I am so glad to have been a part of it. It takes a lot of work, from little jobs to big organizing jobs, to put on such a gargantuan event!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Did You Know About Free Online Reading?

Did you know about free online reading?

I have been finding texts to read online for several years now. Most older texts are available online to read for free. Many poems and short stories are available too. Last night I got to a point in a book I had bought from Goodwill that had pages missing!! I was sad but figured I would have to get the book from the library to read those couple of pages. Instead, I was happy to find the book available online for free reading, so I could read those two pages and get right back to my book!

Did You Know About Prescription Drug Abuse?

Did you know about prescription drug abuse addiction?

Back in the late '80s I worked in a pharmacy. I knew prescription drug addiction was real. I even saw the symptoms of it. I remember a guy coming in paying with all the change he had scraped together for his pain meds. I heard the pharmacist have to call the doctor with recommendations to cut him down/off his meds. I don't know the statistics for our current times, if prescription drug abuse is any higher or lower than those days. But I do know that there are many treatment options for those who get caught up in it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Did You Know Non-Refundable Flight Tickets May Hold Funds for Future Use?

Did you know non-refundable flight tickets may hold funds for future use?

We are thinking of canceling a non-refundable flight through Southwest. I found out that even though the ticket is non-refundable, the funds can be held for up to one year from original date of purchase for future use. The funds can be used toward a ticket anywhere Southwest flies. I would also need the original confirmation number to access those funds. I like this; at least I would not completely be out the money.

Did You Know About Online Coupons?

Did you know about online coupons?

Anytime I shop online I always look to see if there is a coupon of some sort available for the place I am shopping at. I look for any percentage off or for free shipping or any offer available. Whether I am looking for clothing coupons, electronics coupons, pottery barn coupons, daily deals or anything, I always look for online coupons before I complete my transaction.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Did You Know a Great Treat For Kids?

Did you know a great treat for kids?

Tonight I wanted to show appreciation for our neighbor kids for the way they have treated the baby I keep. I wanted something easy but not every day. The big hit tonight? CUPCAKES!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Did You Know We Need to Remodel a Bathroom?

Did you know we need to remodel a bathroom?

We got the toilet pulled out weeks ago. And that's as far as we've gotten! We just do not have the time to do it, and also got a bit sidetracked with our money reallocated a different direction. So now we have this bathroom just waiting for us to get to work!

We did have a contractor give us an estimate, but it's out of our budget. I looked at method that I heard advertised about bathtub refinishing. As for the remodeling portion, we will do it ourselves. If we have the bathtub refinished, I think we will go with a professional (no need to rent an Ingersoll rand air compressor) and have it done right.

I just hope this happens sooner than later!