Sunday, November 27, 2011

Did You Know A Place to Buy Books?

Did you know a place to buy books?

Of course there are the local bookstores, both large and small. And the online sites that help get the written (and downloaded) word out. But tonight as I was doing my grocery shopping I got sidetracked by a bin of books. Nice hardcover books. And they were marked 3/$10!! I found some really good titles and picked up quite a few for gifts. I always love giving books but probably would not have thought to look at the grocery store for affordable books.


Montucky said...

Interesting. Several years ago I spent some time in a campground while doing some work for a company in the area. One day I stopped at the local grocery store for supplies and found they had a very good selection of books. Unusual, but gratifying.

silken said...

I was really happy and will likely go through that bin again before Christmas!