Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Did You Know We Need to Remodel a Bathroom?

Did you know we need to remodel a bathroom?

We got the toilet pulled out weeks ago. And that's as far as we've gotten! We just do not have the time to do it, and also got a bit sidetracked with our money reallocated a different direction. So now we have this bathroom just waiting for us to get to work!

We did have a contractor give us an estimate, but it's out of our budget. I looked at method that I heard advertised about bathtub refinishing. As for the remodeling portion, we will do it ourselves. If we have the bathtub refinished, I think we will go with a professional (no need to rent an Ingersoll rand air compressor) and have it done right.

I just hope this happens sooner than later!


Montucky said...

We did that last summer. It turned out great! The most difficult part was getting started.

silken said...

yes, the getting started has been rough for us! there is just no time that all three of us can get together and work on it!! we are hoping the week of thanksgiving and the week following....