Friday, November 2, 2012

Did You Know the New York Marathon is Cancelled?

Did you know the New York Marathon is Cancelled? I just read that the mayor of New York has decided to cancel this weekend's long standing event. While I know that many folks who have worked hard to train for this event may be disappointed, I think it is probably the right thing to do, in light of all the efforts going on in hurricane clean up. Although the marathon would have brought in many people and their money, it does not seem like the right time for such an event. It would have also been an added burden on a city strained with clean up efforts. Hopefully all the survivors of the storm will be back on their feet again soon and the marathon will take place another time.


Montucky said...

I think canceling the marathon was the right thing to do, out of respect for those who were so badly hurt by the storm if for no other reason.

silken said...

and definitely not worth causing division or bad feelings. I am glad they waited.