Thursday, November 15, 2012

Did You Know The Importance of a Laptop for College?

Did you know the importance of a laptop for college?

I had known that a laptop computer was convenient but as our son got ready to head to college we saw more and more the importance of having a laptop computer with him. So we got him one for his high school graduation. The school he was going to was very small but embraced and utilized technology to the best of its ability. And when he transferred schools, we saw just how important constant and easy/convenient access to a computer is for today's students. So we plan on doing the same for our daughter's graduation-buying her a laptop.  We want to give her the very best chance she has to succeed in today's post secondary environment. My son has told me he doesn't know how he could do it without his laptop. I hope that our kids have every opportunity to succeed.

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Montucky said...

What a wonderful thing a laptop would have been in my college years! I considered myself lucky to have a new manual typewriter and a fountain pen!