Thursday, November 25, 2010

Did You Know Irregular Heartbeats are Not Uncommon in Teens?

Did you know irregular heartbeats are not uncommon in teens?

When my daughter had her physical this summer, we were told she had an irregular heartbeat. As it improved with just a bit of exertion, she was cleared for all physical activity. More recently however, the school nurse said that they needed record of my daughter's clearance and that she needed an EKG result on file. We did find a pediatric cardiologist (thanks to our PA) who only charges $48 for the EKG without consultation. The results were faxed to our PA who just cleared my daughter. Although the heartbeat is irregular, the cardiologist was "underwhelmed" with the readout, saying this is not uncommon for teens during years of growth.


Montucky said...

I had something a little like that, but well past my teens. An EKG showed something that could have been a big problem, but a subsequent stress test showed that my heart has a rather rough idle. Under stress it's perfect.

silken said...

it was interesting to find this out, but we sure were relieved to know it was nothing more than dealing with a growing, changing body