Monday, March 19, 2007

Did You Know About the LG Cherry Red Multi Media Phone?

Did You Know About the LG Cherry Red Multi Media Phone? At Wirefly, deals change daily, but right now you can get free Verizon Razrs when you open a new account. You don't even need a rebate!

Maybe you'd like to check out the new LG Cherry Red Chocolate multi media phone. With this new toy, you don't need to carry so many gadgets with you when you go. This phone just might have you saying so long to your MP3 player! This is the first Verizon wireless phone with an external graphic equalizer, capable of streaming or downloading music from Vcast. It gives you the ability to transfer music to and from your PC using a USB cable. You can even stream stereo music over Bluetooth.

And don't forget about the camera and camcorder! This baby takes 1.3 megapixel print quality photos. You can even record hour long video clips! You can even get turn by turn directions using the GPS capable device!

Of course you've got your regular everyday features including alarm, ringtone, calculator, calendar as well as voice display and color monitor.

And the sleek, stylish design and hot new color will have you high stylin'!
This little beauty is the phone for NOW and for the future!

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