Monday, March 26, 2007

Did You Know About Blog Hopping?

Did You Know About Blog Hopping ? This is a little leap frogging game from blog to blog throughout cyberspace. Basically, you leave a comment with the URL link back to your post.

I met a friend named Sire some time ago, but just today he let me in on the game of blog hopping. He is a pretty swell guy from the land down under.

So basically, blog hopping is just jumping through cyber space from one related blog to another, sometimes taking other little related side trips. The reason for all this cyber hopping is to increase all of our page ranks. Sire tells me that Google and Technorati pick up these links pretty quickly, helping to increase all our ranking.

So if anyone else wants to join in on the blog hopping, leave a comment with a link back to your place.

Happy Hopping!


Sire said...

Your link is up, you can see it HERE

Also instead of the link pointing to my post/comment could you point it to Sire which is the home page. Thanks for joining.

silken said...

well, all my comments are gone from there. sorry, I really didn't mean to spam you. maybe I didnt' do it right?