Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Did You Know Snoring Can Kill You?

Did You Know Snoring Can Kill You? I just read an article in Reader's digest about people falling asleep while driving. The article mentioned people with obstructive sleep apnea being at high risk for this happening to them. Snoring can be a sign or symptom pointing to this disorder, and many people are unaware of their situation.

I have heard many people snore in many different settings, but the one snorer who outsnored everyone was my grandfather. While spending some time at my grandparents house, my granny warned us that grandpa C snored really loudly. Ok. But that night as my sister and I lay in the front room, the farthest away from my grandparents room, we heard a terribly frightening roar. We thought a train was coming through the walls! We could not imagine what it was!! Until we finally realized it was my grandfather!

I know my grandfather's snoring is not what caused his recent death, but I am very sure that his snoring kept others in his house awake!

Folks who have been plauged by the sleep apnea disorder can now purchase CPAP machines to help aid them from dying or causing brain damage due to the lack of oxygen brought about by the obstructive sleep apnea.

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Elsa said...

It is better to stop snoring naturally, but if it does not respond to simple remedies, including non-surgical ones, should be discussed with a physician or sleep specialist.