Saturday, October 27, 2007

Did You Know How To Make A Simple Pharaoh Costume?

Did you know how to make a simple pharaoh costume?

While reading about Egypt and using a great activity book called Pyramids! we made very simple pharaoh costumes for my six and seven year old nephews. They had a great time playing in these. They could make simple Halloween costumes (but better if you live in a warm climate!)

I had a blogger ask me if I could explain how we made our pharaoh costumes. I tried, but thought it might be easier to understand with photos to help. Sorry, my model is a little lifeless, but hopefully it will help you get the idea. The instructions for making the crowns are in the book Pyramids!

First, we started with a scrap of material long enough to double over and wrap around the waist. One we tied and one we tucked and pinned. The boys both kept shorts on underneath. Then, each of the boys colored and glittered the chest piece which we cut out of card stock in a large half circle/oval shape. We cut two of these but they only colored the front piece. We punched holes in both ends at the top. Then we tied them together over their shoulders. They also colored card stock to use as arm (worn around the upper arm/bicep) and wrist bands.

My youngest nephew wanted the " nemes " type hat. Again we just used striped scrap cloth. We pinned it back over the ears. Then we tied it with gold cord and he made a "snake" out of a green pipe cleaner. We just wrapped it around the cord til it stayed.

My oldest nephew wanted to don the double crown of Egypt. First we started with a large piece of wax paper. Then we shaped and twisted it into a bowling pin type shape (we did have to do some taping on this one), leaving an opening large enough for his head. This just sits on the head. The outer part is two large sheets of red construction paper cut into a chair shape and taped together. This ring sits around the inner bowling pin shaped hat. Then he made the reed shape out of a green pipe cleaner and we taped it inside the red piece.

We did outline around the bottom of their eyes with eyeliner.

That is it. Simple and made from stuff we had on hand!


Montucky said...

That's really neat! You make me wish I had kids of that age around! Those were fun days.

silken said...

I have to say that is the one thing about having little kids around again-they may demanding, but you get to do all the fun stuff again!I think the boys are having fun, my daughter seems to feel as if she's moved past this stage(dressing up, some of the activities)....

we did a little presentation over the weekend for grandparents and an aunt to show some of the projects the kids have been doing on the Middle Ages study. When we got done, my oldest nephew wanted to do a presentation on our Egypt study...too bad we did not have most of it together to do so, but I was really happy that he is finding learning fun!

Jerseygirl89 said...

How cool - I love it.

silken said...

it was fun jerseygirl. the boys wanted to make sure I still had all their pharaoh stuff! :)