Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Did You Know Some Good Spring Break Ideas?

Did you know some good spring break ideas?

Our kids actually have the same spring break this year so I was trying to think of some good ideas to do together. The beach is an obvious choice but way too crowded and crazy over spring break.  I thought about trying to go kayaking but husband nixed it. There there is hiking which I am definitely going to do with my nephew at the very least!)  There is a zip line where my son lives, if we go there we could all do that. And last year we all went to Dave and Buster's, it was a good enough evening....But I need some other good idea.


Montucky said...

It has been so long since we have had anything to do with spring break, but there are some pretty good memories. Enjoy it while you can!

silken said...

thanks! I'm sure all my big kids want to do is hang out w/ friends and sleep as much as possible!