Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did You Know How to Quickly Recover from a Sprain?

Did you know how to quickly recover from a sprain?

After all these weeks of therapy and getting back the strength and stability needed for the activities I want to do, I sprained my ankle last week! On the same foot that I'd had surgery on. It was nothing exciting, just jogging through the neighborhood. I was pretty bummed about it, especially since my first triathlon this season was only ten days away!

A few hours after I turned my ankle I decided to call the health care center who has been providing my recent therapy. They told me to come in. I could not take even a touch to the injury site, but after some ultrasound, ice therapy and electric stimulation, I was feeling ok. I actually went back for a second treatment that same day. That helped A LOT! The next day the swelling was down and I was feeling better. I did have to wear a "boot" all weekend and continue treatments every day (missing Saturday and Sunday) and keep bathing it in ice at least three times a day.

But now I can walk on it and the doc even thinks I'll be able to do most of my triathlon this weekend!

We'll see.....


Montucky said...

Bad luck that you had the sprain, but good that you got help to work on it. It's amazing how the body can heal with just a little help. Good Luck!

silken said...

I can't believe how quickly the sprain was able to heal with these treatments. I am usually a slow healer!!