Sunday, April 10, 2011

Did You Know How To Rack Your Bike in a Triathlon?

Did you know how to rack your bike in a triathlon?

Since I have participated in a few triathlons, I knew how to rack my bike. I knew that it was ok to rack it using either the handle bars or the seat. I also knew that the bike had to "face out" from your race number. But yesterday as a volunteer, I learned a better way to remember it. We were told that it doesn't matter which way your front wheel faces, it is just that the majority of the bike has to face out from your number with it the "down" wheel being on the side of your number. Since the bikes are racked close together with odd numbers on one side and evens on the other, it can quickly become confusing. In fact, we had to re-rack a few bikes (even if the athlete was not standing there.) So just remember that when racking your bike for a triathlon, you must have the majority of your bike facing out from your number, with your down wheel on the ground on the same side as your number. And if all that is too confusing, just ask a volunteer for help!


(photo from: The High Price of Triathlon: Swim, Bike, Run (and Spend) by Sarah Lorge Butler;

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