Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Did You Know Some of my Favorite Sights in Bozeman?

Did you know some of my favorite sights in Bozeman?

It snowed the first night we got there, and we enjoyed sitting in the hot tub at the hotel looking out at the snow! We enjoyed seeing the mountains and the snow. There are some gorgeous houses built at the base of the mountains. We saw deer, a mink, and some interesting looking cows. I don't have pictures of everything, but wanted to post some of our favorite sights on the trip.

                                          on the road out to Bridger Bowl

                                          it gets dark by 5pm

                                          the beautiful Rocky Mountains

                                           I stayed on the Green trails (except for once when
                                           I got turned around and      
                                           found myself on a Blue)

                                                    one of the ski lifts. This might be the one
                                                    where I knocked my daughter's ski off....

we had great weather the whole time

looking down on clouds

what a view

skiing above the clouds

a winter's day walk to the Museum of the Rockies


Terry said...

Excellent photos! I'm so glad that the weather accommodated you! Tonight it's raining here, tomorrow is supposed to be a big snow day, then Thursday night the temp should be below zero. Your timing was perfect!

silken said...

so glad we timed it just right!! when we got home it was storming and windy-felt colder than when we left montana. I don't think I could've taken it if it had been like that while we were there!!