Sunday, January 17, 2010

Did You Know the Kids Already Have another Holiday?

Did you know the kids in public school already have another holiday?

I really think the school calendar is crazy! Kids were out for Christmas break (2 weeks) and then went back for a review week then exam week, which is a shortened day for high schoolers (if they have transportation.) Younger kids were let out early on Friday and tomorrow is a school holiday. Then next week high school has late arrival. February brings no holidays or late arrivals. Then March has a late arrival, spring break (one week) and a teacher inservice. April has Good Friday off. May has Memorial Day off, before they go back for 4 1/2 days! AAAGGHH! It really is all crazy to me!


Montucky said...

I don't remember having so much time off school when I was a kid. If there was that much I sure would have gotten a lot more hunting and fishing done!

silken said...

it sure seems like ours were fewer and further between. I don't know. but this is just crazy!