Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Did You Know We Need the Cheapest Insurance We Can Find?

Did you know we need the cheapest insurance we can find ?

A friend of ours has a daughter a month older than our son. Our friendship goes way back, so when their daughter started driving, they warned us how much insurance would be, and reminded us it would be about double for a boy! Of course, the more our son drives, the more we see the reason for that! He is not a terrible driver, but is pretty much the average boy looking for excitement, adventure and fun. And sometimes that leads to things we-he-would rather not pay for. He has already learned one lesson. And came home from school the other day asking if we would be mad if....

Turns out a friend of his ran over to my son's car and jumped in while waiting to leave the parking lot. (The busses all get to leave first, so all drivers are just hanging out or lined up waiting to get out of parking lot-yes, there is only one way in and one way out of this high school of 2000+ students!) So the kid runs over and jumps in, then they begin to horse around, yelling at friends, throwing stuff at other kids. The other boy is leaning waaay out the window during all these escapades. So my son gets in trouble with the school cop. Anyway, he is being "watched" and if things don't improve, he will get a ticket.

Suffice it to say, anyone who is letting their teenage son drive needs to find the cheapest car insurance they can!!

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