Sunday, February 7, 2010

Did You Know About Tour de Hood?

Did you know about Tour de Hood?

While watching Texas Country Reporter last night, we came across a great program taking place not too very far from us. It is called Tour de Hood . Dr. Veon McReynolds has in effect started an inner city cycling club. This cycling group is for all ages and abilities. He has collected an array of bicycles and allows folks to come out on Saturday mornings for a ride. The ride is at an easy pace for everyone to enjoy. At the halfway point, there is a break for fruit and water. Helmets, bikes, snacks, and even t shirts to wear are all provide to participants at no cost. All are invited to join. You can bring your own bike if you prefer. And if you have a bike that is not working, you are invited to come on Fridays and they will help you fix it! Dr. McReynolds is also wanting to get a few three wheeled bikes so that senior citizens who don't feel comfortable on a bicycle will still be able to join in the fun of each week's ride.


Montucky said...

That could be a super program! It's a great idea to get more folks outdoors and something the might catch on in other areas too. Hope so!

According to a story I read in a regional news site, the Kaiser Family Foundation while examining the use of electronic media by kids has found that "The average American child, in fact, now spends 7 hours and 38 minutes per day (53 hours per week) “plugged in.”" Anything that might help break that pattern would be a good thing I would think.

silken said...

yes, it is so good! I hope we are able to go join in some saturday this spring.

I believe it about the media usage. just seeing how much my kids use and how much it is a part of their daily life…and for my daughter w/ her online school, seems like she is in front of the computer all day long!