Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Did You Know We Dove in Grand Cayman?

Did you know we dove in Grand Cayman?

I was so unsure if I really wanted to dive, since I have not done so in four years. But on the ferry over to Grand Cayman (our cruise ship anchored and we took a ferry boat to the island, just a short few minutes ride) we met a man whose daughter goes to the same private college several of the kids from our church go to. The one in fact that my husband was going to visit the next week after our cruise. We struck up a conversation when we saw this man carrying his diving gear. He told us he had pre-booked a dive and why didn't we come along with him to see if they had room for us to join in (we had our dive cards with us.)
waiting for our dive time

We were blessed to be able to go along with the group from Diver's Down, located about a two minute walk to the left of the port. The guys were really great with calming me down, telling me about how their mom always checks everything out, going over everything with me and even being patient when I started to panic on my first jump back into the water.

I am getting nervous!

oh yeah! it was gorgeous down there!

view back to the beach

Once I got to the rope that was tied to a weight on the seabed, I looked down and could see the reef. Then I remembered that I really did want to do this! The water was so warm and so clear  and once I got my ears cleared and made my way down, so very gorgeous! It's like swimming through a garden! The corals were all beautiful, the fish were fun to look at but the highlight for me was the sea turtle swimming by just as I got to the bottom!

view on 7 Mile Beach

getting ready to head back to our ship, the Magic

the ferry boat

this "pirate ship" passed by our ferry; if you look in the background to the
right of the boat you see Diver's Down-the folks who took care of our dive

I am so thankful to the dive leaders for being patient with me. My leader said he thought I was smiling once I got down there!!

*I have no photos from underwater, but if you want a taste of what it looks like, check out this photo copyright of Joe Shook.


Montucky said...

What a neat experience! You really made the most of that trip!

silken said...

oh yeah! it was really great! we are already looking forward to the next cruise for our 30th in a few years!