Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Did You Know About School Fees

Did you know about school fees?

 I would guess most folks are pretty well aware of all the fees that colleges slap on to the tab-I truly think we are paying as much in fees as we are for tuition, if not a little more. But now the high schools are getting even worse. With all the cuts I guess the teachers feel the need to not only charge fees but to have students bring in the teacher's supplies as well. For example, my daughter not only has lab fees and charges for the clothes she needs for Health Science and PE but there are little things that are "required" as well-a watch, a pocket notebook, particular shoes, etc. And then of course there are club dues and now extra-curricular fees. But when the teacher sent a list of supplies to send-kleenex, hand sanitizer, that sort of thing was not a surprise-but the batteries and dry erase markers were causing more than a little resentment! There seems to be no end to the money that is being sucked from us from the schools!


Montucky said...

Seems to me they are going a little past the top too.

silken said...

oh, you should see the fees we've already garnered over the first week of school due to some mistakes (a parking ticket and a fee because the ebill system did not work!!!!!! you would think the first couple of weeks would be granted to learning how to sort through the new school year and environment!!