Friday, August 17, 2012

Did You Know Ways to Save Money on Textbooks?

Did you know ways to save money on textbooks?

I've had several recommendations from different sources over the last few weeks on how to save money on textbooks. I read recently that the average amount spent on college textbooks is $700-900 per semester. That adds up quickly!

We have  rented any textbooks that we can. This has worked well for us. You can rent for a semester and there is usually a shipping fee (though not any additional fee to return them.) Even with this, these rental books offer substantial savings. We have even had to buy time extensions to allow for the difference in the end of semester and still saved money.

Of course, many students buy used textbooks to save money. This year, we have even bought a couple books from Amazon at discounted prices. The most surprising way I have heard about "saving money" is the young man who told me he only buys new textbooks so that he gets a better buy back rate (more money back when he sells them back) which he turns around uses to buy the next set of books.

While textbooks are an expensive part of each semester, these are some good ways to get the best deals possible.


Montucky said...

I just can't believe the prices of textbooks these days! They are ridiculous!

silken said...

oh boy!! it is bad! and all the fees the schools charge-I really think we pay more in fees than we do tuition!