Saturday, June 23, 2012

Did You Know What to do with Stray Socks?

Did you know what to do with stray socks?

It seems that socks disappear on a regular basis, leaving homes with bookoos (beaucoup!) of stray socks. What are some things to do with those single socks, besides just throwing them away? We have used stray socks for puppets, stuffed for snowmen, beanbags and balls, and dusting rags. Any other good ideas for those lonely single socks?


Montucky said...

Looks like you already have more ideas than I do! I've also developed a collection of them because one sock will develop a big hole in it while the other one doesn't. I don't even know why that is!

silken said...

hm, I think one look at your blog would give a clue as to why there are holes in your socks, but just one is a bit mystifying!