Sunday, June 10, 2012

Did You Know You Can Rent Knee Walkers?

Did you know you can rent knee walkers?

These knee walkers, or knee scooters, are for use after surgery. My friend had one after his foot surgery. I had not seen them before but it seems like a good idea for those, like my friend, who have to go back to work after surgery. He works at a school so the knee scooter was a good idea for him. I just learned that these knee scooters are available to rent and knee scooter rental prices were much more reasonable than I thought they would be!

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Adam T said...

I did know that. I rented from two places because the first Scooter wasn't very good. I ended up liking this Knee Scooter Rental company:

It has some good suggestions as to what to look for when selecting your knee scooter (I had no idea what to look for.)