Monday, May 7, 2012

Did You Know About Grocery Shopping With Your Husband?

Did you know about grocery shopping with your husband?

We don't shop much together. But the other day we did go to the grocery store together, along with the toddler we keep. My husband was pretty well behaved this time. Usually on past trips he is getting all kinds of stuff and putting it in the cart (at least this time I knew what he was putting in!) And then the worst is when he walks around eating in the store!! He will open cookies usually ( we do pay for them of course!) Once he even ate a banana. When I asked him how we would pay for it since it was by weight, he got another one to bring to the register to pay for the one he had eaten!! Silly guy! At least this trip was better. At the checkout he loaded every thing on the belt except for the dog food. That's when he asked the clerk for her Honeywell Barcode Scanner so he could scan the sack without having to unload and reload it. Overall, not a bad shopping trip!

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