Thursday, May 21, 2009

Did You Know How Texas Band Students Can Earn College Vouchers?

Did you know how Texas band students can earn college vouchers?

I just learned today that Texas band students in grades 6-12 can earn college tuition vouchers by playing Taps at Veteran's funerals! Once they become performance ready, they can send out letters letting hospitals, chaplains, funeral homes and other like places know that they are volunteering to play Taps at the funeral of veterans. After they have played they fill out a form and send it to Austin. They will be given a $25 voucher good for tuition or required fees at an institution of higher learning! For more information you can read here .


Montucky said...

They might also be surprised at the depth of feelings and understanding that they will encounter at those funerals. When I was in the service I was part of many burial details for military people. Many times it was a moving experience, although not always much fun, especially when presenting our flag to the surviving spouse. I always thought though that the families maybe felt just a little better seeing our Marines paying their last respects to our brothers.

silken said...

yes. my grandfather was in the Navy. we were honored seeing Granny get the flag.

I think this is a really special opportunity. Almost enough for me to encourage my kids to play bugle, trumpet or coronet.

my sister played(s) coronet. wish this would have been around in her time in school. she would have loved doing this.