Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Did You Know About Safe Clear?

Did you know about Safe Clear?

On Monday I was traveling down the Interstate Highway taking my daughter to her volleyball camp. My car started sounding funny, lights came on and the steering was affected. I was in the far left lane heading onto an over pass so I could not pull over as quickly as I wanted. As soon as I could I pulled onto the shoulder and called my husband. He said he thought I threw a belt. After a couple of minutes I found the pulleys and belt and sure enough it was broken. Just then a wrecker pulled up behind me. I was informed that according to the county I had to be cleared off and he would tow me to the nearest gas station. As I began to speak, he said that it was a free tow. He took me to the station and even parked me in the shade. I was given paper work to read about the Safe Clear Program. You get towed up to a mile for free if your vehicle is inoperable and you have pulled onto the shoulder. He also told me that if it ever happened again all I have to do is call 311 and they will be out ASAP. Then he came back from his truck and returned my wallet that I had left in there! I was thankful for his help and honesty. My husband came and got the belt fixed within the hour! Knowing about the Safe Clear Program is a great piece of information to know!


Montucky said...

That's a terrific program! I wonder who funds that: it's certainly worth while for safety!

silken said...

I'm not sure. it's a county program and I was very thankful for it Monday!