Monday, August 9, 2010

Did You Know How To Strike Words in a Blog Post?

Did you know how to strike words in a blog post?

Some platforms have a button that allows you to just click on it to strike out words, but I have not found that on this blog. And when I read one of my favorite bloggers, she has a way of striking out certain words, adding just the right touch of humor to her blog. I have wondered how to do that, so I finally "googled" it. As usual, it's a simple code. Just type < strike > the words you want struck out < / strike > (do not leave spaces between the brackets/characters, leaving you with something like this: strike

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Montucky said...

That's pretty cool: I never knew how to do it except when writing a post on Wordpress they provide the strike through as an option. Thanks for the tip; it;s something I will use!