Saturday, August 7, 2010

Did You Know A Perfect Practical Joke for Your Big Brother?

Did you know a perfect practical joke for your big brother?

Earlier this year, my kids were involved in an all out sibling prank rivalry! It was hilarious listening to them plan and carry out the pranks on each other. They did things like take all the light bulbs out of a room, or set an alarm clock for midnight under a bed….so, when my son was traveling this summer, my daughter knew she had to give him the perfect welcome home! She decided that instead of having her brother "Punk'd" she would have him "Pink'd"!

She gathered all the pink items she could (which meant she had to borrow from friends since she is not a "pink" girl herself!) She used pink sheets and blankets over his bed and couch. She set up a pink table, complete with pink accessories. She had pink stuffed animals everywhere. She covered his desktop with pink wrapping paper. She had a pink robe and slippers. Then she had pink streamers and balloons hung from the ceiling. Pink balloons were also scattered all over the floor.

She then made a banner for his door that said "You just got Punk'd Pink'd"!

When she assured him that she didn't mess with anything, he replied "except my masculinity!"

It was the perfect welcome home! :)


Montucky said...

I love it!

silken said...

pretty great! I stayed out of it…except to get the pictures and a good laugh! :)