Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Did You Know It's Easy to Withdraw a Student from Public School?

Did you know it's easy to withdraw a student from public school?

I have never withdrawn a child from public school, but this year my son has decided to homeschool again to finish up his high school years. (He says high school is over-rated!) I was anxious about how to withdraw him and how I was going to get his transcript. It actually turned out to be no problem at all. I had printed out a letter of withdrawal/intent to homeschool letter just in case (this is what all homeschool sites say to do), but I did not need it. The school had a short form to fill out and they checked that he will be homeschooled. Then I signed it and they printed out his official transcript right there. All done within fifteen minutes!


Montucky said...

Perhaps they knew you?

silken said...

well, weird thing is my daughter just enrolled there and they thought I wanted to withdraw her (I do, but we are letting the kids choose at this point)