Saturday, August 7, 2010

Did You Know About Dual Credit?

Did you know about dual credit?

High schoolers these days have the option of taking dual credit classes. This applies to students in any setting, including public high school, private school or homeschool. Most community colleges allow students to take a course provided by their campus which allows the student to obtain both high school and college credit for that course. Most public and private schools that offer this have an agreement set up with a certain college and you can get information from the student's guidance counselor.

For homeschooled students, you can contact the guidance counselors at the college to help you with getting the information and enrolling your student in the dual credit courses. There are often guidelines (for any type of student) including how many hours they can take, which courses can be taken, and even financial options. These are great options for older students to get ahead in some college hours and even allows the family to save some money in the long run since community college hours usually cost less than larger schools.

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