Saturday, January 15, 2011

Did You Know about Young Adults' Survival Kits?

As part of my son's 18th birthday gift, I gave him a couple of "survival kits". One is a Young Adult's Survival Kit. In it I included a folder with information about all the laws that change once you reach legal adulthood-entering contracts, military service, credit, consent to medical treatment, how to get a job, marriage, suing, and many other things that pertain to living as an adult. I also included a voter registration card, a draft registration card, and a shopper's card to our local grocery store (it provides discounts on gasoline.)

I also included a "Kid at Heart Survival Kit." In it there was a Tom and Jerry DVD, suckers and packages of his favorite candies. Lots of fun!




Terry said...

Those kits are such a great idea! As our society gets more and more complex, they will become more and more valuable I'd think.

silken said...

I liked the idea when I saw it. My son liked it too. He said there were so many things he hadn't thought of. I think he is actually going to read it! I couldn't find a free one to download for our state (!) but there were a few states that have them online for free. Since OK borders TX and he is thinking of going to school in OK, I used theirs. I am sure most laws are pretty close to same nationwide. TX does have one in book form which I will get for him later.

And I just thought today about his passport expiring and when he renews it this time it will be good for 10 years!

And of course, I had to throw in a little fun too!