Sunday, January 16, 2011

Did You Know Some Sentimental Gifts?

Did you know some sentimental gifts?

My son  received some sentimental gifts for his 18th birthday. It seems as if my parents and I were all on a similar wavelength. I gave my son a journal I've been keeping for just over eighteen years. The first year of his life I wrote letters to him each month. After that, it was every so often, then became each year on his birthday, with special milestones written about as they came to pass. He knew what it was when he opened it and was touched by it.

After that, my mom gave him a book of photos from when he was born, some from the hospital and some from his first days home. It was nice to look through the album and my nephews enjoyed it as much as we all did. They didn't even recognize us in some of the photos.

Then my dad gave my son a little ball cap he'd been wearing in some of those early photos! Following this,  my dad also gave him his grandfather's Stetson Fedora. As it is now, the hat doesn't fit my son. But it might when he cuts his hair. I think he would like to wear it and it would look good on him too.


Terry said...

Those were wonderful gifts! They will mean even more to him as the years pass!

silken said...

he was pleased but I agree they will mean even more as he gets older