Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Did You Know Changing Your Focus Throughout Your Swim Workout Makes It Easier?

Did you know changing your focus throughout your swim workout makes it easier?

I am not a strong swimmer, but I've been faithful to swim several times every week. For a long time, I was just swimming lap after lap. It was boring and seemed to take forever. While changing my focus may not actually make it easier, it makes it seem easier and makes the time seem to pass more quickly.

On my last swim workout, the core of the swim had four sets of 400 yards to do. So on each set I focused on something different-arm stroke, reach, kick, breathing. Today, I did a pyramid swim-one lap, rest ten seconds, two laps, rest fifteen seconds, on up to six laps and then back down again. The time seemed to go by much more quickly using these approaches. I've also found that doing different workouts from time to time can also help to make the swim easier and to pass the time and to keep from being so monotonous.

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Terry said...

I think I would have to keep doing different workouts too. No longer do I have the discipline to work out in a pool (not that I ever did). I was spoiled diving (skin & SCUBA) in salt water and have not enjoyed fresh water since. I know it's really good for you, but just don't do it often.