Monday, May 3, 2010

Did You Know I Think I Have Exercise Induced Asthma?

Did you know I think I have exercise induced asthma?

I have joked for some time about this. I really thought it had more to do with all the wind and pollen in the air. Whenever I cycle, I cough a lot. It is not as bad when I do indoor spin class, so I think it has to do with the allergens in the air. And the last few times I have been running, I find it hard to catch my breath, breathe deeply or feel like my chest is clear. I don't cough as much when running but there is a little coughing accompanying those other symptoms.

I did not know that there is a real possibility of having exercise induced asthma. But after doing just a little reading online, I have found that this is not uncommon. I have felt like this is just a thing that will pass. But now I am wondering if my performance could be just a little bit better if I used an inhaler to clear my airways. May be something I bring up in the future, after I get my foot problems dealt with.


Montucky said...

I wasn't aware of exercise induced asthma. I've seen in the news though that pollens are running at very high levels across the southern states because the heavy precipitation has stimulated plant growth.

silken said...

the pollen has been high! I know that is a huge contributing factor. I didn't really know that asthma could be exercised induced, I had been joking about it, but didn't know it was a real ailment